New theme on TFR

Today ought to be a slow day for us here at TFR, so we’re going to try the updated P2-breathe theme, still with the front-page posting. Fellows, please note that the option to open up the subject line is located at the top right of the formatting bar.

This should take care of the problem of comments made to individual posts from the front page showing up in the wrong place.

This is still in something of an experimental stage. If there are severe problems, we’ll revert to the old theme.

The background tile chosen doesn’t please much, so it’ll likely get replaced.

Fellows, please, please, familiarize yourselves with the new theme at this link here: and here:

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When posting comments

Eugene noticed this behavior, and it happened to me today. I tried to reply to a comment, when I was on the front page, and instead of the proper article, it was posted to another one. This must be a theme problem. So we recommend that when you post to an article, to click on the title, go to the address of that article, and comment from there.


Transfer begun of The Fellowship Room

Earlier this year, we mentioned that we would move TFR from WordPress hosting onto our own paid hosting service. That process has begun. Along with that, the domain name became available, and since it’s best to have a dot-com domain we bought it and will be using it.

As soon as the new domain is pointing to the new installation, we’ll export from here the posts and import them there. The old dot-org domain will be pointed to the new one.

This means for the Fellows that we’ll have to fix you up with new accounts, or at least new passwords. Await for word on that.

This is a great step forward, we hope, to serving the brotherhood in a great way.

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Forthright sites down (now restored)

If you try to access a Forthright/GoSpeak site hosted by, it will tell you the account has been suspended. We’re trying to discover what the problem is. Hope to have some news before long.

UPDATE 5:35 CT: The support guy couldn’t fix it, so he opened a ticket and knocked upstairs to the senior support. We’re waiting for a fix.

UPDATE 11:35 CT: Sites are now restored, as of about 30 minutes ago. Sites were down for 7 hours. We were suspended, but nobody can tell us why.


Welcome Dan Mayfield as our newest Fellow

Please welcome Dan Mayfield, our newest contributor to TFR. We look forward to his insights and perspectives. Continue reading

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Oops! More traffic than the plan can handle


Our sites have exceeded bandwidth already on our new host server, so they’re down for the moment. Must have been the video link on BNC that we published last night.

This is the second time it’s happened in a week or so, so we’ll have to up the limits with a new plan, apparently. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The image reminds me of someone who saw a lady in line at the airport as she got ready to go through security. She saw the restrictions on a sign. So she took her large water bottle and stuck it it one of those small plastic bags. The bag held about a third of the bottle, and she tried to carry it through like that. She couldn’t understand why TSA wouldn’t let her through with it. Off topic, but another example of too much for the container.


Believing Prayer gets facelift

Do you approve? See the new theme for the Believing Prayer website. This site also was transferred with our move to a new host, so it seemed a good time to update the theme. I’m sorta kinda on a day off, but have been tinkering with this neglected spot of ours.

Also, make use of the Prayer Journal page, which uses the nifty Muut forum system, for your prayer requests and thanksgivings. Here’s the website link:

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