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  • J. Randal Matheny 1:48 pm on 2013-05-01 Permalink | Reply
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    Oops, my mistake 

    A set of questions I meant to send by email got sent to the TFR site. My apologies for that.

  • TFRStaff 2:58 am on 2013-01-24 Permalink | Reply
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    Changes made to improve navigation 

    Early this morning a few changes were made to TFR’s right column. The author grid was removed, and a widget for top posts added. Admin links went to the bottom of the column. Archives are now in a drop-down menu. Perhaps these changes will improve your movement around the site.

    At top, remain the TFR intro, the sign-up call (hint, hint), the site search, and the tag cloud, which are deemed the most helpful or most useful.

    Your feedback and suggestions on such arrangements are always welcome.

  • J. Randal Matheny 8:15 am on 2013-01-21 Permalink | Reply
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    Eugene Adkins joins other 5 TFR editors 

    A bit of good news this fine Monday morning: our good Fellow Eugene Adkins will be helping out on the TFR site a bit more now as an editor. He joins Barbara Anne and myself, as well as Ron Thomas, Stephen Bradd, and Richard Mansel.

    Eugene has been a consistent poster and commenter (he has more comments than I do!), showing great interest in the work of TFR. We’re thankful to have him aboard in this new role.

    Informally, I shared with Eugene a bit of my philosophy for TFR as a group blog. (As far as I know, TFR is unique in the brotherhood in this respect.) I adapted and added a bit to share with you, since it always helps us focus to review our objectives: (More …)

    • John T. Polk II 12:16 pm on 2013-01-21 Permalink | Reply

      If you were referring to me, thanks for the encouragement! Let me know if there needs to be a “refinement” of the studies. I appreciate the opportunity.

      • Eugene Adkins 6:13 pm on 2013-01-21 Permalink | Reply

        Hey John, although I enjoy seeing your reliable posts on the Psalms in the morning when I fire up the computer, and for what it’s worth I hope to keep seeing them since there are several more Psalms to go, I must give the “encouragement” credit to our good ole’ buddy and pal, Randal.

    • J. Randal Matheny 1:32 pm on 2013-01-21 Permalink | Reply

      No refinement needed! Glad to be reading your contributions.

  • J. Randal Matheny 2:02 pm on 2012-07-18 Permalink | Reply
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    Some numbers on TFR 

    TFR now has 102 followers in the WordPress system, plus another 88 signed up by email. That’s a considerable number. But add to that the 436 followers on Forthright Press’s twitter account, and over 500 on my personal, since quite a few posts get tweeted on them, when I can get to it. From my personal Twitter account, tweets go to my Facebook profile, which has a potential of over 2,700 readers. (Deduct a couple of hundred from that number, since I have some Brazilian friends who don’t read English.)

    The hundreds of page views we get per day—lately averaging between 400-500—don’t reflect all the reading going on. The visitors to the main page can read dozens of posts on the site, since most are posted in full.

    That means our Fellows are getting read even more than they think.

    Good news, this, all around.


  • J. Randal Matheny 2:58 pm on 2012-05-26 Permalink | Reply
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    Memory, writing, politics, moderation, etc. 

    People forget as a matter of routine. We need reminders. So we use agendas, calendars, to-do lists, and, like me, I married Mrs. Memory. And we establish Memorial Days. Except that leisure and entertainment trump the task of honoring the members of the military who served to preserve peace. Such is our society of soft bodies and lazy minds which leaches Memorial Day of its meaning.

    • Mike Brooks has just written his 400th article for Forthright Magazine. Richard Mansel will have written 374 consecutive articles, also, as of next Tuesday. I should be so dedicated. Thanks to brothers like Mike and Richard, Forthright carries on in a marvelous way.

    • I’m thankful that the American president came out last week fully in favor of same-sex marriages. Not that we agree with him on the issue, by any stretch of the imagination. But his statement makes clear that morality is at the center of politics, at least, in the upcoming presidential election, and that the incumbent has taken, both publicly and in policy, the position to undermine biblical teaching.

    • Thomas Paine wrote, “Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle, is a species of vice.” That’s an important distinction, valid also in matters of faith. Principle requires zeal and full devotion, else it becomes a principle of convenience.

  • J. Randal Matheny 5:42 pm on 2012-05-23 Permalink | Reply
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    States in common 

    At the moment, the TFR site has reached the top number of hits ever. Let’s see how far it gets at day’s end.

    • Beautiful day in Denton TX and a blessed time with the Weylan Deaver family. Tonight, we’ll enjoy a moment with the Sherman Drive congregation and share updates (video link) on our work.

    • Thanks to the Deaver’s for providing me time and space to write the first draft of the article, “Being a Family in a Strange Land,” for The Jenkins Institute’s magazine, Hope and Expectation.

    • What do Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida have in common? They all have churches regularly supporting our GoSpeak/Forthright ministry. God bless them all!

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  • J. Randal Matheny 8:33 am on 2012-05-22 Permalink | Reply
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    We’ve changed the heading to honor Texas while we’re here in the Lone Star State. The server, however, won’t let us change the background at the moment. It’s stuck in some reset mode.

    Be sure to read Mike Glenn’s Joshua Generation thought that was posted here today. Some people think it’s unspiritual to plan. But if God did it, maybe we ought to consider it as well.

    We hit the road again today. Prayers for safety and speed are always appreciated.

  • TFRStaff 1:18 pm on 2012-04-25 Permalink | Reply
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    Welcome to Eugene Adkins as the newest TFR Fellow 

    He’s already become a regular, since we’ve not properly introduced him, but you may still welcome Eugene Adkins to TFR. Shortly, we hope to have his bio up on the Fellows page. Eugene does a great job on his blog, and we’ve been delighted with the great contributions he’s made already to TFR.

  • TFRStaff 6:35 am on 2012-04-07 Permalink | Reply
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    Server down for FPress, FMag &c. 

    The server for Forthright Press, Forthright Magazine, BrotherhoodNews.com, Believing Prayer, and others appears to be down. At least, we can’t access it from here. Anybody else getting in? It could be routine maintenance, but from the time lapse, one wonders.

    • Larry Miles 7:45 am on 2012-04-07 Permalink | Reply

      Randal — I can access Brotherhood News– have not tried the others.

      • J. Randal Matheny 7:55 am on 2012-04-07 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Larry. Ron tells me he can access as well. It appears the server is blocking my IP again.

    • Don Ruhl 8:57 am on 2012-04-07 Permalink | Reply

      I can connect to all four that you mentioned.

      • J. Randal Matheny 9:00 am on 2012-04-07 Permalink | Reply

        Good! I’m glad to know i was the only one affected. I’m working in the FPress site now, so maybe it’s good for the day.

  • J. Randal Matheny 6:20 am on 2012-03-17 Permalink | Reply
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    TFR grows, challenge to Fellows 

    Fellows Riverside Gardens

    Maybe a nice place to read TFR? Image via Wikipedia

    TFR is gaining ever more readers and subscribers to enjoy the mix of perspectives, viewpoints, insights, and fruits of labors that the Fellows share here regularly. This focused free-for-all is a favorite of many. (Yours, too, maybe? Say so below, if so.)

    • Let me challenge our Fellows, especially those who haven’t posted recently to make at least one post today or tomorrow. Saturdays and Sundays are, not unsurprisingly, our slowest days.

    • If you’re curious about who the Fellows are, here’s the roll call. We have only two pages on the site, the other is the About page, which, for convenience, includes the writing guidelines for the Fellows.

    • Who knows, we might have a new Fellow or two to show their faces before long. Wikileaks hasn’t got a whiff of this yet. And maybe you have a nomination to make, eh? But like candidates for president, the person must really want it. Not that one should be obsessed with it, that would be a bit much.

    • Have a great weekend. Take full advantage of that face-to-face fellowship which even TFR cannot substitute.

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  • TFRStaff 10:00 am on 2012-03-09 Permalink | Reply
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    What countries visit TFR? 

    Visits by countryThe stats represented in the list are only good for March, 2012. The order is of most country visits.

    This is a screen capture, and there were many more in the list that the capture wasn’t able to view. Fellows may be able to see the list in the dashboard.

    Visits by Fellows and other contributors who are logged in to the site are not counted.

  • J. Randal Matheny 6:39 am on 2012-03-08 Permalink | Reply
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    Forthright Magazine with 6,000 articles 

    Christian ezineCongratulations to Stan Mitchell, whose article today was number 6,000 on Forthright Magazine. We have many good writers who have contributed and we’re thankful for all the good insights, spiritual wisdom, and biblical truths that have been shared over the years, since the 90s. About 1997, I believe, when Barry Newton joined me to begin what we then called Forthright Magazine. We’re grateful especially to managing editor Richard Mansel whose guidance over the past few years has given extra vigor to this work.

    Our goal is to take people to Christ and the cross, to God and his salvific project, to the presence of the Almighty One who welcomes the obedient with open arms. This is a worthy aim, and we hope to be worthy in our efforts of God’s goodness and majesty.

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  • J. Randal Matheny 11:40 am on 2012-01-11 Permalink | Reply
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    Welcome to ‘Old Cowboy’ Roy Coffman 

    Please welcome TFR’s newest Fellow, Roy Coffman, who will be sharing some old cowboy wisdom with us. He tired of Facebook (a common tendency these days), so we invited him to share his posts here.

    Roy is from Oklahoma, lives in Omaha, Nebr., and is a preacher with experience in broadcasting.

    We look forward to learning from Roy’s old cowboy experience and insight.

  • J. Randal Matheny 8:32 pm on 2011-12-31 Permalink | Reply
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    2011 in review 

    The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 44,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 16 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

    Click here to see the complete report.

  • J. Randal Matheny 10:13 am on 2011-12-20 Permalink | Reply
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    To those who get the posts by email, the site has a new header and background, in the spirit of the season. Check it out! Even got snow falling!

    • Will 10:15 am on 2011-12-20 Permalink | Reply

      Better for you to have the snow than me…hahaha God bless, Will

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