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    Hugh’s News & Views (Learning How To Walk) 


    One of the first major accomplishments of a little child is learning how to walk. As an infant he is totally dependent on others, but as he gets a little older he learns how to turn himself over, to get up on his hands and knees, and to begin to crawl. Later, he is able to pull himself up to a table or a sofa or a chair and begin to take those first faltering steps and to toddle around. Soon he is able to walk.

    This has its spiritual parallel. We enter the family of God, the church, as newborn babes (Hebrews 5:13; I Peter 2:2). Early in our Christian life we depend on others to help us get around. But, as we learn and grow, we reach the point where we can stand on our own two feet and walk the Christian walk. (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Fence Straddlers) 


    The story is told of a civil war soldier who did not want to take sides but remain neutral and be accepted by both sides. He put on a pair of Confederate britches and donned a Union jacket. He was shot in the seat by a Yankee soldier and in the chest by a Rebel soldier and died of the injuries he incurred as a result of trying to be on both sides! (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (” . . . A Cause?”) 


    The story of David and Goliath is known to every child who has ever attended Sunday School. It is found in the 17th chapter of the Old Testament book of I Samuel, and is the exciting story of how one who was “but a youth” (verse 33) killed with a single stone shot from a sling a Philistine giant who was over 9 feet tall (verse 4).

    Before his encounter with the giant, David had been tending the sheep of his father Jesse. But Jesse wanted young David to visit his three older brothers who were soldiers in the Israelite army, see how they were doing, and take provisions to them and their captain. When David arrived at the Israelite encampment he learned of the challenge of Goliath. “Choose a man for yourselves, and let him come down to me. If he is able to fight with me and kill me, then we will be your servants. But if I prevail against him and kill him, then you shall be our servants and serve us” (verses 8-9). Of course, Goliath believed no one could win in a battle with him! (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Malapropisms . . .) 


    Likely, I should be among the last to write under the above heading. I did not grow up in a family that always used correct grammar or that always used a word in the right sense. All who speak and write are susceptible of inadvertently using the wrong word, to being “off” in their thinking, and to not expressing themselves either orally or in writing as clearly as they might like. Yet, those of us who speak and write to advance the cause of Christ should strive for accuracy—in our thinking, in our speaking, and in our writing.

    A malapropism is “misusing words, especially by the confusion of words that are similar in sound.” Many years ago in Clarksville, Tennessee I was preaching on the Lord’s Supper and made mention of a congregation that had two large silver “gobblers” from which the fruit of the vine was served—one for each side of the two sections of pews in the auditorium! I, of course, meant two large silver goblets. (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (. . . Racial Church History) 


    In 1964 my family and I moved to Clarksville, Tennessee in order for me to serve as minister of the Madison Street Church of Christ. I was 26 years old and ambitious, but hopefully ambitious to serve the Lord on a wider field of opportunity. Clarksville was the home of a state university (Austin Peay) and a sprawling Army base (Fort Campbell).

    When I moved to Clarksville the Madison Street church had between 400 and 500 members (considered to be a fairly large congregation as churches of Christ go), with a Sunday morning attendance commensurate with the membership. Of course, the attendance included children too young to be Christians, adult non-members, as well as visitors from the community, including a number of students from Austin Peay. Joe Morgan was president of the University and one of the church’s elders. Several other Austin Peay faculty were members at Madison Street. (More …)

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    . . . Farm Kid 


    (The following is a letter a farm kid wrote home soon after joining the Marines. It has been around for a while, but I thought I would share it with my readers this week. Perhaps it will bring a smile to your face as we go through the winter doldrums. Be sure to read all the way to the surprise ending and enjoy.)

    Dear Ma and Pa: (More …)

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    Note To Subscribers 


    Over the last few days I have received an inordinate number of requests for “An Open Letter To Christian Colleges, Schools of Preaching, And Bible Institutes,” my “News & Views” of January 24, 2017. Several on my mailing list have said they did not receive it. After receiving and reading “Responses To Open Letter,” my “News & Views” of January 31, 2017, several have written asking for the “Open Letter.”

    I have answered each request. However, I would urge the readers to please check their spam, their deleted folder, or their block senders list to see if perhaps the “Open Letter” may have wound up in one of those locations.

    Too, it would be helpful, to say nothing of being highly appreciated, if when you change your email address you would let me know. I have deleted some from my mailing list because the message came back as having been sent to an invalid address.

    I might also mention that “Hugh’s News & Views” is published on three websites: Bloggers in the Churches of Christ, Searching for Truth, and Striving for Unity Through Sound Methods for Learning Truth. It can be accessed at these sites. It also is posted each week on my Facebook page and those who are my FB friends may access it there.

    The “Open Letter” and the “Responses To Open Letter” have generated the largest number of responses and the greatest interest of any “Hugh’s News & Views” in my memory. Responses continue to come in every day. This is greatly appreciated. My sole purpose is to do only good and to advance the cause of our blessed Savior and Lord.

    Hugh Fulford

    TFR Editor’s note: Brother Hugh’s emails are also posted here on TFR, under the tag “hughfulford,” with few exceptions when we were in transition from the old site. The emails he mentioned above are on the site and available at the links of their respective titles.

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Responses . . .) 


    Last week’s “An Open Letter To Our Christian Colleges, Schools of Preaching, And Bible Institutes” drew responses from all across the United States, as well as from native preachers in various parts of the world. A very positive response was received from a board member of one of our Christian universities (the only board member I heard from). Interestingly, no response was received in disagreement with anything I said, though I am not so naïve as to believe that everyone who read it agreed with it. Of the scores of responses received, here are a few.


    “A hearty ‘amen’ to everything you said! It needs to be sent to every administrator, professor and board member of every one of the schools which claim to be Christian among us. It has long saddened me that my alma mater, David Lipscomb College, is not one I can recommend. My wife and I met there. We sent our three children there, but today we discourage young people from going there lest they lose their faith. If folks ask where I went to college, I usually tell them ‘David Lipscomb College’ and then add, ‘It’s not the same as Lipscomb University today – it is the same campus, but not the same school.’ ” (Gospel preacher for over 50 years, former missionary to Zambia and Australia, former instructor in various Schools of Preaching, preacher now in Tennessee for many years.) (More …)

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      I must have missed Last week’s “An Open Letter To Our Christian Colleges, Schools of Preaching, And Bible Institutes” Is there a way that you can send it to me? Have tried for the last hour to bring it up, but haven’t been able to.

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        Our apologies,Johnny. There was a problem in the post-by-email system, and we finally got it working again in time for Hugh to post this one. I’ll see if I still have that in my email and will post it.

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    Hugh’s News and Views (Open Letter) 


    This letter is written in sincere love and deep appreciation for all faithful Christian secondary schools, colleges, universities, Schools of Preaching, and Bible Institutes.  I am a beneficiary of a Christian education (both high school and college), and have long been a proponent and supporter (financially and otherwise) of Christian education.   Therefore, nothing that is said in this “Open Letter” is to be construed to mean that I am opposed to an academic education that takes place in institutions that are dedicated to providing a genuine Christian education (i.e., an education that honors the teaching of the divinely inspired word of God).  (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Random Thoughts) 


    This edition of “Hugh’s News & Views” is dated December 27, 2016. Today I celebrate my 79th birthday. I often wonder where the years have gone. And yet I know: They have been consumed with living!

    Since this will be the last “News & Views” for 2016, it seems appropriate to share a few random thoughts and gleanings. Consider the following. (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Christ . . .) 


    The New Testament book of Hebrews draws many striking contrasts between Moses and Christ, the law of Moses and the gospel of Christ, the old covenant/testament and the new covenant/testament, the Jewish tabernacle/temple (physical structures) and the church (a spiritual house), and Judaism and Christianity. Key words and phrases used throughout this book are: “better,” “greater,” “more than,” “more excellent,” “greater and more perfect,” and similar terms of comparison. In every instance, the purpose is to show the superiority of Christ and Christianity to Moses and Judaism. (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Obituary . . .) 


    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years.

    No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

    He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, life isn’t always fair, and maybe it was my fault. (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Twenty-One Steps . . .) 


    Curtis Ramey was a gospel preacher, a practicing attorney in Fort Worth, TX, and, before that, a Juvenile Judge in Madison County (Huntsville), AL. Over forty years ago, brother Ramey wrote an article titled “Twenty-One Steps to the Electric Chair,” “Or, How to Raise a Juvenile Delinquent.”

    Nineteen states now have no form of capital punishment and another four have a Governor’s-imposed moratorium on capital punishment. Of the twenty-seven states that still execute criminals, lethal injection is the most common, but the electric chair is still an option in four states and the backup form of execution in Tennessee if lethal injection fails.

    We hear little today about the problem of juvenile delinquency, probably because it is no longer a politically correct term. But we still have young people who are guilty of heinous criminal behavior.

    So, while the title of brother Ramey’s article is now a bit dated, his points are still relevant. We run it this week as a fitting sequel to Gus Nichols’ letter to his family at home that we ran last week. Here are the twenty-one steps. (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Gus Nichols’ Letter) 


    Following is a letter the late great gospel preacher Gus Nichols (1892-1975) wrote to his family at home in Jasper, AL during a meeting in which he was preaching in Montgomery, AL in 1938. It is a graphic description of the electrocution of two criminals at Kilby Prison, an Alabama state penitentiary in Montgomery. Leonard Johnson (mentioned in the letter) was co-founder of Montgomery Bible College, later Alabama Christian College, now Faulkner University. I assume brother Johnson was the local preacher where brother Nichols was conducting the meeting. I am indebted to Larry Whitehead of Birmingham, AL, editor of The Alabama Restoration Journal (currently in a state of suspension), for sharing this letter with me. I will alert the faint of heart that it is a horrifying description of what brothers Nichols and Johnson witnessed so many years ago. Too, this particular edition of “News & Views” is about twice as long as usual, but I did not want to divide the letter into two parts. It is as follows: (More …)

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    Hugh’s News & Views (Post-Election Reflections) 


    Donald John Trump has stood the United States’ political establishment on its ear by being elected as the 45th President of our country. Trump, a New York City billionaire businessman, had never run for or held a political office of any kind. But he, of all the candidates in this year’s race for the White House—Republican, Democrat, or Independent—understood the times in which we are living and the mood of America. He “touched” and resonated with a broad and vital vein of political discontent running throughout the country and capitalized on it, resulting in his election to the highest office in the land. (More …)

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      AMEN brother

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