India Missions Conference at HCU

Looks like a winner.

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Cyclone to hit India, prayers requested for churches

James Suiter calls our attention to the cyclone about to hit India. He quoted this report this morning from brother Raj Kumar- India:

We are near to super cyclone, it could be worse than Hurricane Katrina in USA 2005, troubles are started due the cause of heavy rains, dangerous winds, please pray for us and and our fellow brethren. Maybe you can watch the news about the situation of the dangerous disaster, please pray.

James noted that several churches of Christ are in this area.

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Who stole David Lipscomb College?

With that title to his March newsletter, sent a few minutes ago, missionary Jim E. Waldron takes aim at Lipscomb University. It’s not yet online on his website, so here’s an excerpt:

The crime was perpetrated by the board of directors being encouraged by staff and teachers whom they hired.  By these I mean, not all, but far too many of the faculty and staff, who had been trained in denominational theological seminaries and in other anti – Christ seats of higher learning.  Virtually all from their youth in Tennessee and other parts of the country had been trained in the holy scriptures as Timothy was (2 Tim. 3:15), but in the theological cemeteries their faith was buried at the feet of the liberal and modernistic teachers.

Now brother Lipscomb’s school is being used to promote the agenda of change agents that want to restructure the churches of Christ into being “you are okay, I’m okay” community churches that can have joint services with those who hate the very concept that we ought to walk in the old paths of the gospel (Cf.  Jer. 6:16).

What does this have to do with world evangelism?  It means that churches caught up in the community church movement will not be wanting to support the preaching that there is one and  only one church that Jesus planted and is coming back for.  Beloved we are committed to preaching the pure and unperverted gospel (Gal. 1:6-9) and obeying 2 Tim. 2:2 to train faithful men who will do the same when you and I are dead.

He has a point, so faithful churches need to consider taking up the slack and doubling their efforts to fulfill the divine mandate to preach the gospel in the whole world.

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