The Difference Between Feel Good Politics And Medicine

As our nation continues to abandon the spiritual roots that are too evident to ignore we will increasingly, as a whole, look to the government not only as our sole provider but even our soul provider thus ignoring the true source of a nation’s vitality (think Acts 12:20-22 for a moment).

Many politicians love to take advantage of the dependency mindset. They present feel good politics as the answer. An answer that serves the few in hopes of the few becoming the majority that is dependent upon the answer provided. In other words, to give a real world comparison, many politicians (and I’m speaking worldwide here) actually encourage people to become a lifetime child. By that I mean they wish for some people to become completely dependent upon his or her parent whose role is played by the government for the rest of his or her life, thus resulting in a people who have secured the politician’s seat of power.

For example, the latest government dependency program to hit every coast of America, plus some, that goes by the name of A.C.A. (also affectionately known as Obama-care). This government program is based upon feel good politics and not real solutions. It’s a government answer to a problem that has created as many problems that it solved! It took a problem, a real problem, that approximately 15% of this nation was dealing with and made it a problem that 100% of the people have to worry with whether people realize it or not.

Don’t think that I’m just a “big government hater” who doesn’t believe in taking care of the poor. If you’re going to think something based off of these words then think of me as someone who likes to think with common sense instead of thinking with votes in mind since I’m not a politician.

The problem with insurance was that it cost too much in many situations. I myself pay more than ten percent out of my gross yearly wages (not net wages) for my health insurance at my secular job. That’s a lot; and that’s only paying for the service to be there, not what I would have to pay if something were to happen to me or my family. The cost was and is the problem for many middle-class and poor working Americans. And the A.C.A. didn’t fix the cost!!! It took the cost and supplemented it with tax-dollars!!! That’s not a solution. That’s duct-tape on a gunshot wound. On top of that the A.C.A has already inflicted itself with a gunshot wound to the foot by allowing the very people it needs (the healthy 18 to 28 year olds who don’t use insurance very much at all) to keep its book’s balanced with the older generations who use the insurance quite often for obvious reasons. How did it do that? Because it almost allows that entire group of “young people” to stay on their parent’s insurance to begin with! A group that’s not leaving home, not getting married, not starting families and, unfortunately, not working in any meaningful job. Continue reading

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