Get the name right

The Missus was miffed recently when a popular brotherhood effort reprinted a post of mine and misspelled both my names. I’m used to it by now. We’ll let the guilty go unnamed, because they’re good people and it’s an innocent and harmless mistake.

Normally careful people have their moments of inattention. I have mine; you, yours, right? Some moments of distraction can burn the house down or drown the baby in the swimming pool (for those who have such luxuries). We pray those moments are few and far between.

Other moments might let the water boil out of the kettle, or the tea steep too long, or the toast burn in the pan. Inconvenience, for sure, but nothing much more than that. Continue reading

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Time to renew hosting and domain name of…

Time to renew hosting and domain name of TFR, along with a number of other domains and Internet charges that belong to the Forthright / GoSpeak ministry. No single fee is large, but over the year they add up. Seems many, if not most, of our renewals come in January.

If you, as a child of God, have been blessed by TFR, Forthright Magazine,, Christian Hub, Believing Prayer, or any of our other sites, please consider a donation to help keep them going. You can use PayPal or send a check through the mail to our overseeing congregation in N. Little Rock.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference.

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Understanding the Internet for mission

Facebook now includes icons for homosexual and lesbian couples in its relationship options. Some brethren are abandoning the service because of it. Apparently, they consider their presence on the service as crossing the line between being in the world and being of it, or approving of it. I invited one of them to TFR.

• Facebook seems to have become a more visual medium of late. More people post images, photos, and graphics. At least, my “friends” do. What about yours? Not sure why this trend has taken off. Maybe from influence from Pinterest. Or a general preference in our age for images over text, started in the 20th Century by television. A hard challenge for the gospel, this trend. (Remember our first step to salvation: hear?)

• Twitter is tightening up third-party access to its service, certainly within its right, but raising the wall to protect its proprietary model. Most recently, it has cut off from posting to its service. I like Friendica‘s approach: the Internet is our social media. Remains to be seen if commercialism will allow such ideas any elbow room. (Find me at

• Meanwhile, Google continues to skew search results, most recently by muzzling firearms retailers. They’re making it harder for you to find a gun online. Of course, this is not their first foray into socio-political filters. I’ve pretty well abandoned it for other good services like Duck Duck Go and Remember: you got options.

• All of this is background for serving the Lord on the Internet. Where are the trends? In what direction are developments moving? How can Christians be effective on the web? Those who strive to tame the Internet beast for evangelism and edification want to have a bit of understanding of how it works. A tall task, but part of it.

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On QBiT, self-will, social networks, Halloween, orchids

Here’s a little something to get you in the spirit of the times: a Halloween poem, “Mumbo, jumbo, toil and tumble.” With a touch of a spiritual lesson. On the Christian Poets site, which now has its domain and is ready for your contributions or subscriptions.

• Did you know that Quick Bible Truths is on several venues and available in several formats, like RSS and email? See all your options here. It’s great for church bulletins, (re)posts, statuses, and email forwards.

• I decided to abbreviate this effort “QBiT,” and then discovered it’s some particle or something in quantum physics. I figured to pronounce it as “cubit.” Somebody beat me to it. Reckon I’m infringing on some copyright or trademark?

• TFR now has a Facebook page widget in the lower right column, for Forthright Press, our sponsor. Give it a Like!

• I don’t know where he got it, but Luke Bower has an amazing quote from an atheistic physicist with a powerful application. He writes about self-will in “Because I don’t want to.” On the Bulletin Digest website.

• See the beautiful orchid blooming on our carport. Another bud is opening, today. We received it as a gift, enjoyed its blooms for weeks on our dining room table, then hung it outside, where it continues to provide us enjoyment and reminder of our friends who gave it to us.

• If you’d been following me today on Friendika (or Diaspora, for that matter), you’d have seen most of these points above. Plus numerous other not mentioned here. Just saying.

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Today’s Prayer on Forthright Mag

Maybe because I’ve not given it better attention, or maybe because we’re better at hermeneutics than supplications, but our online prayer efforts aren’t resonating with people. Does prayer gets short shrift among us?

Now that FMag has its own site, I’m hoping to ramp up Today’s Prayer. (I wish I had some spiritually minded person to take this on.) You can put this feature on your website through RSS. Grab the feed and go with it.

I was doing the UnitedPrayer twitter and website, so not sure how I’ll meld those. Probably, the twitter account is a keeper, considering it has 125 followers.

I’m thinking out loud here, so don’t mind me.

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The new Forthright Magazine is online

It’s up and running. The new Forthright Magazine. Whew! I’m going to need a nap after that one.

Also, I’ve got a new devotional this morning on my little site.

As usual, I’ll be out most of the day with the church. SJCampos in the morning, lunch with the brethren, Taubaté in the afternoon. Maybe tonight for the Internet.

Google+ appears to be bearing some good fruit already. Its option to communicate by email with people in the Circles (groups) who aren’t in the loop works well for communicating.

Time to fly. A blessing on you this Lord’s day.

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Looking for brotherhood Internet ministries

The evangelicals will have their Internet Evangelism Day May 15. Before that, I’d like to highlight some brotherhood ministries on I come to you with hat in hand for your suggestions on brothers we can contact, who meet the following requirements:

  1. An effort by our people reflecting faithful teachings;
  2. An effort whose main focus is the Internet and not merely an option being offered;
  3. An effort that shows knowledge of the technology and creative adaptation to its audience.


15 minutes of fame down to 5

In 1968 Andy Warhol said that everyone would have 15 minutes of fame. It was a criticism of the modern fascination with celebrities and the ever-moving lens of the television camera. Today, the fifteen minutes has been reduced to five.

Read the rest of my Forthright Magazine article here.

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Internet evangelism

A Catholic priest writes in a regional paper’s site about the Internet contributing to evangelism, in his religion’s view of it. These words I certainly agree to, when applied to the true gospel. My translation from the Portuguese.

Now we need, in these days, talented people who know the new technologies intimately and who put them at the service of the Good News of salvation. Behold our greatest challenge, the same as that for the whole church. We need up-to-date motivators who know how to carry the Word of God to the heart of our good folk effectively and creatively, in a world that is, in large part, indifferent, afar and distant from the proposal and invitation of our good God, who is for all.

Here’s the page in Google’s translation (I hate these online translator dealywokers), for what it’s worth, still providing a bit of thought for ministry on the Internet.

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