15 minutes of fame down to 5

In 1968 Andy Warhol said that everyone would have 15 minutes of fame. It was a criticism of the modern fascination with celebrities and the ever-moving lens of the television camera. Today, the fifteen minutes has been reduced to five.

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Internet evangelism

A Catholic priest writes in a regional paper’s site about the Internet contributing to evangelism, in his religion’s view of it. These words I certainly agree to, when applied to the true gospel. My translation from the Portuguese.

Now we need, in these days, talented people who know the new technologies intimately and who put them at the service of the Good News of salvation. Behold our greatest challenge, the same as that for the whole church. We need up-to-date motivators who know how to carry the Word of God to the heart of our good folk effectively and creatively, in a world that is, in large part, indifferent, afar and distant from the proposal and invitation of our good God, who is for all.

Here’s the page in Google’s translation (I hate these online translator dealywokers), for what it’s worth, still providing a bit of thought for ministry on the Internet.

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