Remembering Memorial Day

How can you forget a day of remembering? It happens a lot easier than what some may think…and there are some strong spiritual applications in that point, but regardless, this morning I’m particularly thinking of the American holiday that goes by the name “Memorial Day.” It’s the day when a large part of America goes on a camping trip or cooks out on the grill or takes advantage of a sale; you know, the stuff you’re not supposed to forget to do on Memorial Day, right?

Now I’m probably going to eat some food that’s been cooked on the grill today, so I’m not saying that the things mentioned above are wrong per say (cause my, how hypocritical that would be of me!). The point of what I am saying is that America, at least the larger part, has forgotten what we’re supposed to remember. Today I’m going to look at the American flag with different eyes. For a moment I’m going to try to see the men and women who no longer have the chance to see the flag fly because of their service. I’m going to try to remember that many of America’s blessings have come through the curses that they bore. Is this too much to ask on a day that I get off from work?

The ole’ Huff Post is a news website that I read from time to time. I don’t necessarily read it because it’s a good site, I mostly read it because of the unique stories that you can find there; but today I must give them their credit for a story worth watching. I encourage everyone to watch this recorded interview, but I caution you that the video shows the cost of war. It’s not full of blood of guts – for then it would be a Hollywood movie. Instead it shows the pain and horror that POW’s must endure. The video itself revolves around the story of one solider in particular, named Joe Delmar (I guess that’s the correct spelling – Huff Post has it spelled two different ways), who was dubbed “The Human Skeleton.” The man survived, so in many ways his cause is meant to reflect upon those who didn’t survive, but regardless, if you watch this video and you see what he lived through, I promise you’ll look differently at your hamburger today.

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Interview with J. Randal Matheny

I hope you will come by and read the excellent thoughts of our fearless editor, J. Randal Matheny on The Moving Word writing blog. Since  I started these interviews, I’ve looked forward to this moment. Thanks, Randal.

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Interview with Weylan Deaver

In my series of interviews with bloggers, I interview Weylan Deaver today. I hope you will stop by and read his interesting thoughts.

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Interview with Mike Riley

I am beginning a series of interviews on my Moving Word blog, with successful writers and bloggers. My first interview is with Mike Riley, one of our own. Come see what he can teach us about his success.

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iPreach interviews Randal on book, publishing

Dale Jenkins and Adam Faughn do a weekly podcast for preachers called iPreach. I was their guest today. We talked about my new book, writing and publishing, as well as about the website work, and I fielded questions from callers. You can listen to it, Episode 93, at this link. It was a lot of fun!

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