Review of Randal’s Book, “Choose!”

J. Randal Matheny’s book, Choose! pushes us to a better life and I review his good book at my Moving Word website.

Books come in different forms and serve various purposes. Some books are read, then shelved so they can be retrieved during times of difficulty. Like poems and Psalms, they wrap us in a protective coat and inspire us to persevere. With wisdom and guidance, they offer us a gentle push and help change our perspectives on life.

Please stop by and read about Brother Matheny’s excellent book.

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Resting and Producing

I am taking some time to rest and stay off of my legs today. So, I have been working on my blog and I wanted to share that with you.

I was blessed to received Randal Matheny’s new book in the mail!

I posted an In the News segment, so you can stay informed on what is going on, such as: Obama wants new international order; Family structure strongly affects homosexual behavior in women; ultrasound technology continues to change minds/hearts on abortion; the Humanist case against euthanasia.

I posted a sermon entitled, The Grace Commission.

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