Local happening

In Effingham (IL) Winford Claiborne conducted a meeting for four days. I was able to make it for two, a number of others from Sullivan made it for one. It was good to see the support from not only us, but sister congregations in the area. I guess the furthest traveled would have been Centralia and Decatur. I hope when I am 84 years old I will be not only as sharp in mind, but also capable as he is to speak like he did. It was well worth the trip down (35 miles), and one thing that I think is worth repeating is his emphasis on what it means to preach Jesus and Him crucified. When we preach the contents of the New Testament, we preach the Lord and Him crucified. It is easy for some to think that when one preaches Jesus and Him crucified all the preacher does is preach on the cross of Christ without regard to what He said (or authorized to be said) on topics such as marriage, charitable giving, the home, the Lord’s second coming, just to name a few items. I liked that brother Claiborne emphasized this.

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