He’s truthful

It’s sad when brethren speak KJV language in the American South. It’s inexcusable when they do it to a foreigner. Here’s what one European fellow said on an alternative social media site, after getting an electronic translation (I’ve not corrected his writing):

I never understood why we use a very old english when we talk about God. Maybe it is to keep the knowledge of God only to certain people who Know and to keep distant other. I think we should all speak a clear and understandable language. That is why I hate KJV.

In a way, when you speak KJV language to somebody else, you become a broker of spiritual truth.

Remind you of 1 John, does it?

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Now there’s a book, chapter and verse for ;) :( and :p

The Bible’s newest translation is in emojis and emoticons according to this story. In the story you’ll read that, “The authors of the new translation say that about 10 to 15 percent of the translation is in emoticon speak while the remainder is in boring, old alphabet characters.”

The amazing thing to me is that the goal of the “translation” (which is based on the KJV for obvious copyright purposes) is supposed to be a serious one. It’s supposed to be Scripture for Millennials; the creators also said, “that they created the translation program to draw new readers to the word of God”.

I don’t know if the app is one that must be paid for…I haven’t checked it out myself, but if you have an Apple device, the app is available in Apple’s App Store so you can check it out if you choose.

So what do you think? Is this “translation” a good move? Or do you think it’s better left for the digital recycling bin as you LOL at it?

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3 reasons to lay aside the KJV

That’s my subject tonight over on my blog, “Time to Ditch the KJV,” and it’s getting quite a few hits. Most posts about Bible versions do above-average in the traffic department. It’s a hot topic.

This is something of a follow-up to my post here on TFR answering a Nudge, “KJV Blessings.”


KJV blessings

By way of the King James Version, my grandparents and parents came to Christ. It was using the KJV that my grandmother taught my grandfather to read. He was ever a man of a single book, never managing to read the daily newspaper, but he memorized the KJV New Testament.

I cut my spiritual teeth on the KJV. From it I memorized scriptures and won a Bible at church. From it I came to know God and enter his kingdom.

Though I long ago left off using the KJV, its cadences still influence my speech. When I do an English Bible search, its phraseology still bubbles to the surface.

In 1980, while preaching in Shiloh, Tenn., I gave my childhood KJV Bible to an effort that was sending Bibles to Africa. I hope some faithful African brother is making good use of it, for I have since regretted letting it go. I’m a sentimentalist, and a bit of guilt at hanging on to it, with so many Bibles in my possession, caused me to give it up. That twinge of guilt was a good thing, since I’d probably be carting it around until today if I hadn’t.

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many years ago when I flirted with religion but did not actually embrace it, I read the KJV and found it much too difficult to understand. For a while I went in and out of religious interests, in part, because of the KJV. Since it was the Book in the house, it held a special place for me. Finally, a religious hold grabbed me and I made a point to work at understanding it. Though I struggled, I was finally able to “get a handle” on it. From there I went to the ASV (1901), and used it for 16-17 years. What I have come to like about the KJV is its cadence in the old English (I do enjoy having it read by Scourby).

A blessing for me was the effort I had to put in to understand it. I have carried that effort with me up to this day. This is one of the reasons I enjoy reading from interlinears like I do.

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Taking a Needless Stand

We have a Baptist church here that has KJV posted boldly on their sign. I would guess that means that they refuse to use any other version. I know many brethren think that using any other version beside the KJV, will doom you to hell. But, I’ve not heard of any of them putting it on their sign!

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