My favorite evangelist

Larry Fryer is one of the greatest evangelists I’ve known personally. He has worked in Sri Lanka for over 30 years converting many souls and training many evangelists. Larry is the one primarily responsible for my entrance into ministry at the age of 18. His encouragement helped shape my life in a way it would not have otherwise developed (at least not at that age). He is a godly man and a real nurturer (and his wife is top notch too!). Being with them always makes me feel at peace.

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Nudge: The Most Influential Person in Your Life–and Why?

I suspect most of us would name parents or spouse first, and that is good, but I’m looking for the person outside your family who has influenced you the most–and why.

For me, it would be Larry Fryer (he currently preaches for the Lord’s church in Monroe, GA). He opened my eyes to possibilities I had never considered before 14 years ago. Consequently, he changed my life for good in a radical way. I’m a preacher today because of Larry.

If you’re interested, I’ve written more about my influences here:

I look forward to reading your posts!

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