Sermon on the Apostles

In August, I preached on a lectureship in Hinesville, Georgia on the subject of, “What is an Apostle?” I covered the meaning of the Greek term, looked at Jesus as an apostle and made application to us today in the Great Commission.

The Hinesville congregation has been so kind to put our lessons online. If you have any interest in hearing me preach, you can follow this link and hear my lesson. I pray you are edified, as a result.

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ETSOP Lectures

This week (Sunday through Wednesday) the ETSOP lectures were going on in Karns, TN. As is always the case, the lectures were great, but from a selfish perspective, the fellowship was even better. I was able to listen to men like Robert Taylor, Edwin Jones, Jody Apple, Stephen and Frank Higgenbotham, Joshua Hartwigens, Tom Holland, Tom Miller, and Jimmy Clark. I try to make it an annual occasion. There was good support even though we had two days of bad weather.

Wednesday night I type this; tomorrow morning I leave for Alabama. Saturday I return to Illinois. I look forward to getting home.

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New Year’s Eve

We always have a congregational New Year’s Eve Singing, so I am looking forward to that. Then, I will sleep and spend the afternoon cheering on Alabama in their game against Michigan State on New Year’s Day.

Received the program for the 2011 Freed-Hardeman Lectureship on the Minor Prophets. It looks good. I wish  I could be there. For those who are able to go, enjoy!

BTW, I can’t wait for 2010 to be gone. I look forward to 2011 and expect a much better year!

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Study Time

Spending a few hours studying 1 Peter 5, in preparation for a manuscript for the Southeast Georgia lectureship in October. The chapter is full of treasures.

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Writing and Speaking

I am continuing my interviews with writers of fiction and non-fiction on the Moving Word. I am enjoying them and many readers appear to, as well.

Tomorrow, the Hinesville, Georgia lectureship starts. I speak on Sunday morning on “Heaven is a Temple.” This is a challenging subject, but I will conquer it.

It has been quiet around here since Randal has been gone. Please stop by and read Tim Hall’s new article at Forthright. He will soon be taking a hiatus from his column, so read him while you still have the chance!

May God bless you richly. Remember that, “Faith and peace are paddles to get you through the stormy waters of life.”

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Spiritual Summer Plans

I would like to be able to attend the 5th Annual Preacher’s Files Lectureship coming up on July 9-11, at the Rush Springs congregation in Rush Springs, Oklahoma. The lectureship will be spiritually beneficial for anyone who chooses to attend. This year’s lectureship theme is “Seeking First The Kingdom.”

For any additional information, contact Brother David Hersey, a member of the Granby, Missouri congregation –

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Just returned for the day from the ETSOP lectures. Listened to Clarence DeLoach, William Woodson, Ancil Jenkins and Ed Jones. Good lectures. Jody Apple told Mark Teske and myself that a number of hits have been made to the school website. This is the first time the school has put it on line ( Great lectures. Spent about 30 minutes talking with Willie Franklin; he played in the NFL a number of years back (B. colts; D. Lions). He is the key note tomorrow night. A fine Christian man he is; most charitable in his remarks. The students in the schools work the lecturesship, have little time to take in a lecture. They work hard, but another group that works very hard are the ladies of the congregation and sister congregation. Truly a backbone they are.

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FHU – Day 2

I was up this morning at four (body clock), read my Bible, and tehn ate next door at Cracker Barrel. The second day for me at the FHU lectures was good as well. I saw two lectures and the open forum. Both lectures were in Chapel Hall with Alan Highers and William Woodson. Had lunch with David Pharr and coffee with Phil Sanders. Alan’s lecture was great in that he gave me a new way to look at 2 Cor 12 and the phrase “the signs of an apostle.” Bot Phil and I talked about it. William, as always (in my opinion) is just “dead-pan” good. Purchased some books I didn’t need and, otherwise, enjoyed the day.


What lectureships do I attend? None. I h…

What lectureships do I attend? None. I haven’t been to a lectureship since since the 1990’s, when the Northside congregation here in El Paso hosted yearly lectureships. Because of falling membership and a lack of funds, they no longer host lectureships.

However, I do have some great lectureship books in my personal library that I’ve collected in past years, produced by various hosting congregations around the country. In my view, lectureship books are a great and practical investment for every Christian.

By simply ordering, purchasing, and using lectureship books as an aid in Bible study, members can save travel and lodging expenses going to lectureships. By using these lectureship books, produced by faithful proclaimers of the Book, I’ve greatly increased my knowledge of God’s Word. Plus, they are a great addition to any member’s library.

One such lectureship book that I greatly value, is the book entitled, “Studies In Romans,” edited by Bro. Dub. McClish. This book was a result of the 15th annual Denton lectures, conducted November 10-14, 1996. It’s one of the best commentaries on Romans that I have ever seen.

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Yes, I have several lectureship books th…

Yes, I have several lectureship books that I read and use from time to time in my study of the Scriptures. One such book is, “The Sayings of Solomon,” from the 2003 Power Lectures (Southaven, Mississippi congregation). In the Appendix of that book, Bro. B.J. Clarke took the time to arrange all 31 Chapters of Proverbs by topic category.

For example, the topic, “Abominations” can be found in Chapters 6,11,15,16,17,20,21,24,26,29; the topic “Anger/Wrath” can be found in Chapters 12,14,15,16,18,19,21,22,25,27,29,30.

So, by the above method, if you are looking for a certain topic category, you can easily find all of the Scriptures in Proverbs pertaining to that topic. It’s a very organized and easy way to study the book of Proverbs..

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