October 2014 Issue of Christian Worker

Here’s a link to the latest PDF issue of the Christian Worker.

Here are the topics that you will find:

  • Still the Most Critical Problem (Bill Jackson)
  • Apollos (Sam Willcut)
  • Bless the Congregational Lectureships (Bill Jackson)
  • Religion and Politics (James Boyd)
  • Fighting, but Not Striving (Tom Moore)
  • Shall We Digress into Holy Rollerism? (Curtis Cates)
  • Self-Control (Jerry Moffitt)
  • Strong Churches (Neal Pollard)
  • Jesus Brings Hope Out of Tragedy (Charles Box)

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Invitation to 11th Minnesota Bible Lecture


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From Dan Mayfield:

What: 11th Annual Minnesota Bible Lecture Continue reading

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Preachers Files Lectures for 2014 has been set…

Preachers Files Lectures for 2014 has been set for Sept. 19-21 in Parkersburg, WV. Might want to mark it in your calendar.

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Giving Away Four Tapes of Preaching by Andrew Connally

I have four different tapes (yes, the VHS kind) filled with sermons preached by Andrew Connally during various lectureships and I’m looking to unload them if someone can put them to good use. You can take one or all four if you like.

The first tape contains the topics of:

  • Hell
  • The Challenge of Matthew 19:9
  • The Challenge of Developing Teenagers as God Would Have Them
  • Matthew 16
  • Paul’s Mode of Preaching and Practice (1 Thessalonians 2:1-12)
  • 1 Corinthians 1:10 – God’s Plan for Solving Problems
  • 1 Corinthians 1:21 – God’s Plan for Evangelism
  • 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 – Is God Pleased When We Fail to Grow?

The second tape contains the topics of:

  • Worldliness in the Church
  • How to Build a Strong Church
  • An Exposition of Revelation Twenty
  • The Spirit of Compromise
  • In the Strength of His Might
  • I Came to Cast Fire on the Earth
  • Freedom Through Repentance
  • Mightily Grew the Word of God and Prevailed

The third tape contains the topics of:

  • Joseph, the Optimist Who Sorrow was Turned to Joy
  • Book of Joshua
  • Book of Joshua
  • Book of Joshua
  • Book of Zephaniah
  • God is Not the Source of Evil, but of Good (James 1:13-18)
  • The Inspiration of the Bible
  • The Words Which I Have Spoken Shall Judge You

The fourth tape contains the topics of:

  • Will Your Children go to Heaven
  • The Kind of Preaching Jesus Wants
  • The Judgment and the Great Invitation (Matthew 11)
  • The Family as God Would Have It
  • Knowledge of Faith
  • Book of 1 John
  • Book 2 John
  • Book of 3 John

I’ll keep these around for a few weeks incase someone takes the offer, so if you’re interested leave a reply.

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Lectureships, deaths, friends, workers, weather etc.

The Missus and I enjoyed a day at the Tenn. Bible College Spiritual Renewal Lectures last Saturday. We enjoyed meeting many brothers and sisters there and seeing friends like Weylan Deaver and son Orrin. Weylan had a great lesson, and it’s now online. I recommend it.

• Then Sunday night The Maiden and I traveled two and a half hours to Knoxville for the lectureship at the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies. She wanted to get there early enough the next morning to hear David Shannon, whom she hears every Sunday at the Mt. Juliet TN congregation. We enjoyed the lectures and meeting new friends, among them a number of folk we know through the Internet.

• Jody and Evelyn Apple were our gracious hosts at Karns. Jody works with SEIBS. A bit of news was shared Monday night about Jody’s future work with the International Gospel Hour.

• We were also privileged to meet George and Joy Jensen in person. We followed their work in Tanzania. They’re now in Kentucky.

• A first in the history of BNc: four obituaries in a single day. They didn’t all pass away yesterday, but the stories all came together from God’s servants who have died recently: Jane McWhorter, Perry Cotham, Basil Overton, and Kyle Allen. Foy Forehand is preparing yet another obituary, of Wilson Wallace, son of Foy Wallace.

• Though our elderly saints pass on to their reward most every day, the deaths of these beloved saints within a short period highlight that the torch does pass from one generation to the next. I saw godly brothers and sisters at the recent lectureships, and I know a host more of them, who will faithfully carry on the work of the kingdom. Of course, there is always a shortage of workers in the Lord’s vineyard, and we ought to pray that he send us more.

• The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to stay away from home for extended periods of time. As much as we love our children and coddle the grandchildren, we still feel the rigors of change in weather, food, time zones, schedule, and other differences that leave a body groggy. Comes with the territory, so they say. But we have to make an effort not to get grouchy, do we not?

• Thoughts during a study of Paul’s letter to the Galatians, by way of application. In this letter Paul defends his apostleship, because his enemies attempt to undercut his message by attacking him. So it is today. To sweep away the truth in order to introduce error, people attack the messenger.

• A ladies’ Bible study class is considering options for their next subject, using study books as the basis for their discussions. The Missus heard about it and suggested they look at my book, Choose!. She’s my best advocate! Continue reading

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10th Minnesota Bible Lecture

Please post on bulletin boards you pass or share with friends and invite them to attend. The study of Galatians will be important to emphasize God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Important topics of Abraham and faith, fruit of the spirit and the Christian’s walk, baptism and much more will be discussed. God bless you!

—Dan Mayfield, Owatonna MN

10th Minnesota Bible Lecture April 27, 2013 (Lord willing!)

Flyer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ed4i89e09ebjgj/10TH%20MN%20BIBLE%20LECTURE%201%2010×6%20card.pdf

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Cold Harbor Road Lectures E-book

Here I was sitting and snacking on Doritos with The Missus’s homemade almondaise, with a cup of Twining’s green tea with mint, and I noticed the cup I was drinking from was my memento from the Cold Harbor Rd. Lectureship in Mechanicsvlle, Va., in 2005. I spoke there then. (Wow, so long ago!).

The date for the lectureship back then was Nov. 3-6. Today is the 15th. I figured they must have finished up with this year’s event by now. So I scooted over to their website and, indeed, it was held the same dates this year.

With a difference: You can now download the text of the lectures in PDF format, from their lectureship page. Highly recommended.

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We Are Back…

Had a good trip to Memphis, although tiring.  It is always hard to pick a favorite sermon from the week, but a couple stick out in my mind.  There were so many other good ones, but these 2 alone pretty much made the trip worthwhile for me.

1.)  Dan Winkler – “We Need Heart Surgery!” (Mon. night)
Chad’s comments:  It’s a biology lesson, it’s a sermon.  In a word…”Wow!”

http://oabs.org/ondemand/msop2011/FHMSOP110328Winkler.asx  (video)
ftp://ftp.oabs.org/LECTURESHIPS/msop2011/FHMSOP110328Winkler.wma (audio)

2.)  Wesley Simons – “Their Hearts Are Far From Me”
Chad’s comments:  Wesley is director of the Tri-Cities School of Preaching, & he is both a friend & hero to me.  Their local radio program has converted over 100 people (just that they know of) & FIVE denominational preachers.  Simply put, this man knows how to preach plainly & yet with such sincerity that people end up obeying the truth.  That is a rarity, & this sermon is a classic Wesley Simons jewel.

http://oabs.org/ondemand/msop2011/FHMSOP110329Simons.asx (video)
ftp://ftp.oabs.org/LECTURESHIPS/msop2011/FHMSOP110329Simons.wma (audio)

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Bear Valley is having their lectureship right now. ACU, if you still count them, just finished their controversial “Summit.” (I understand this is the new name for their lectureship; wonder if it’s still the “mirror of a movement”?) Roundhouse, a brotherhood event for homeschoolers, starts tomorrow. Any others?

It’s good to see events like Roundhouse and Polishing the Pulpit, that aren’t connected to schools. I for one am happy to see the influence of the universities muted among us, since so many of them drift off. Is that wrong of me?

Our good friends at East Tenn., School of Preaching and Missions celebrated their 40th anniversary last month. Congrats to them. I feel a bit of kinship to them, since it was at the Karns congregation’s mission workshop in 1975 that I decided to be a missionary. Karns oversees the school. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to go back since.

What do you know of that’s happening out there these days?

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The largest gathering I’ve ever been a …

The largest gathering I’ve ever been a part of would have to be a football game between the then newly formed Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants back in 1965. The game was in Dallas and the Giants won 31-10.

The largest spiritual gathering of souls that I’ve ever been a part of, was at the ACU Lectureships in the early 1980’s in Abilene.

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Fellows at FHU

In case you don’t recognize them, here are Richard Mansel and Ron Thomas at the Forthright Press book exhibit. Barbara must be taking the photo.

On the Forthright Press site, more pics, of Barbara with Stan Mitchell, a Forthright Magazine columnist, and with Ron.

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Tuesday readers’ news

Yesterday, Paolo posted from the FHU Lectureship in the open news thread. Keep your balance on that snow, brother! Glad to hear from him.

And we got the tweet passed on to us from a listener to one of the lectures.

Ron, as a good Fellows should, checked in from Henderson in his own post as he maintains his heavy reading schedule even in the midst of the lectures.

Of course, there is more happening out there than the FHU Lectureship. We’d like to hear from those soaking up those lectures, but we also want to know what’s happening in the rest of the world, since it does continue to turn!

Would our readers please click on the Reply link in the upper right of this post and share the news?

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What lectureships do I attend?

In the last year, I attended the Fort Worth Lectures and Bear Valley Lectures. I suppose the main reason is fellowship. If it were simply the subject or speakers, I could stay home and listen/watch from my computer.

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What Lectureships Do I Attend?

I have not attended one in a long time. The last one I attended was in Nashville, TN when we lived there 189-1993. The closest ones to us now are at OCU, in Tulsa or The Red River Conference in Red River, NM. I miss them because I learned a lot and found new Christian friends. I would like to attend the one in Red River.


What lectureships do I attend?

If God permits, I will attend the Graymere Church of Christ confab in November in Columbia, Tenn. Bros. Tom Holland, William Woodson, Kirk Brothers, Wendell Robinson and John Vaughn create an atmosphere where preachers can recharge their batteries without the divisive vitriol that can arise in some of the lectureships out there. I’ve attended some that were nothing more than a name-calling complaint session so that some people can produce baseless, unnecessary charges. I don’t need that. I need equipping. They do that at Graymere very well.