Hugh’s News & Views (Gus Nichols’ Letter)


Following is a letter the late great gospel preacher Gus Nichols (1892-1975) wrote to his family at home in Jasper, AL during a meeting in which he was preaching in Montgomery, AL in 1938. It is a graphic description of the electrocution of two criminals at Kilby Prison, an Alabama state penitentiary in Montgomery. Leonard Johnson (mentioned in the letter) was co-founder of Montgomery Bible College, later Alabama Christian College, now Faulkner University. I assume brother Johnson was the local preacher where brother Nichols was conducting the meeting. I am indebted to Larry Whitehead of Birmingham, AL, editor of The Alabama Restoration Journal (currently in a state of suspension), for sharing this letter with me. I will alert the faint of heart that it is a horrifying description of what brothers Nichols and Johnson witnessed so many years ago. Too, this particular edition of “News & Views” is about twice as long as usual, but I did not want to divide the letter into two parts. It is as follows: Continue reading

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Letter to a homosexual activist

Note: This was received by email earlier today. The author prefers not to be named.

August 3, 2012

Dear Homosexual Activist,

I am a Christian, and with Christians throughout history, I am convinced the Bible is the word of God. As a student of that word, I know that both the Old and New Testaments expressly and repeatedly condemn homosexual conduct as sinful. Attempts to deny that fact are transparent exercises in Scripture twisting.

You claim to be convinced that homosexual conduct is not wrong, so we are on opposite sides of a moral question. Your assertion that those who disagree with you are hate-filled bigots assumes the matter in dispute, that is, it assumes that homosexual conduct is moral. If it is indeed immoral, as believed not only by Judeo-Christian and Islamic societies but by countless societies having no regard for Scripture, then it is not wrong to think and say it is immoral. That is simply telling the truth. It is doing the very thing you do when you agree that consensual sex between a mother and her son or between an adult and a twelve-year-old is immoral. Continue reading

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