Find out who is worthy: Matthew 10.11

“Whenever you enter a town or village, find out who is worthy there and stay with them until you leave.”

Matthew 10.11

Jesus gave what we call the Limited Commission. It announced the arrival of the Messiah and prepared the disciples for the Great Commission. Hospitality was common among the Jews. It was to become a missionary function in the church. The disciples were to judge who was worthy.

Associating with unworthy people gives the gospel a bad name. Christians must be concerned to preserve the name of Christ as worthy of honor.

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     In Matthew 10 the Lord give what is known as the “limited commission” to His disciples. They were to go throughout Israel preaching the kingdom (10:7) and, before they were finished the Lord would follow them in His own preaching (10:23). It was in this context that the Lord said something about those who were (are) worthy of God.

Persecution is tough for anyone to have to experience. Persecution, however, has a quality that only it can produce; it purges the “dross” inside the soul from actual attachment to the soul (dross corrupts). Jesus identifies some things that can be considered “dross.”

If one loves his (her) parents more than the Lord, that one is not worthy of the Lord (10:37). We love parents, but our parents will do nothing for us with regard to our relationship to the Lord. It has to be our individual decision to serve God—regardless of what our parents might have done.

If one does not take the cross of Christ and carry it, that one is not worthy of the Lord (10:38). To take the cross of Christ means that one lives the life of Christ (Galatians 2:20). This is much easier to understand than to do—but doing it is crucial.

If one preserves his life and by doing so lets go of anything associated with the Lord, that one is not worthy of Jesus (10:39). Related to this is that which we value more. If we value self-preservation more than the Lord, then the Lord will value us less.

Each one of these three points can be described as when “the rubber meets the road.” Now that the rubber has met the road will you apply hard the brakes, spin the tires, and burn rubber or will you decide for the Lord and move forward? RT

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