A link to a video you’ve probably heard about

This young lady shows great composure while describing the interaction she had with her 7th grade (atheistic) teacher that basically gave her, and her class, an ultimatum: Deny that God is real or fail the assignment

After clicking on the picture’s link (which takes you to the school’s site), click on “Item 8 – Open Forum” to watch the original footage in full length.

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Secular psychology question with a moral dilemma

Check this out if you like. It’s an interesting question posed by a university professor.

To be honest, the results of the class experiment surprised (and disappointed) me.

Perhaps there are several spiritual applications that could be made from it for the greater good as well…or at least for our self.

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Restoration Christian Church?

I’m wondering if anyone in The Fellowship Room has ever heard of the “Restoration Christian Church”? I’ve heard of the Christian Church, but not the “Restoration Christian Church.” The following link comes from a Twitter posting: http://www.faithfulpreaching.com/index.html

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