Things I will not miss about this world

When Job said life in this world comes with trouble (Job 14:1) he meant every word of it.

While there may be a few things I miss about this world, they are heavily outweighed by the things that I will not miss…not for a second of eternity.

From dealing with the spiritual adversary of righteousness, to the physical burdens of living in a clay vessel and on into the draining mental strife of knowing that this world could be, should be and is supposed to be better than what it is. I will not miss this world because of them, and because of these: Continue reading

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Things I will miss about this world

Other than the fact that my list will obviously revolve more around musings meant to produce some humorous thoughts, let me quickly emphasize that when I say I will miss certain things about this world, I’m not talking about any of the things that John plainly warns about (1 John 2:15-17). What I am saying with my list is if God could say his creation was very good before the end of the week (Genesis 1:31) then to me it means there are certain things about this place that can be worth appreciating. And even though I believe God promises eternal life with a new heavens and a new earth to his faithful (2 Peter 3:12-13), I also believe life there will be very different when compared to what we know here. I’m not saying I know all the details of what life in eternity will be like with my list, but I am saying odds are (as they appear to me) a few things here will be missing there. Therefore, here’s my list of things I will miss about this world: Continue reading

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What Type Of Things Written

Like Ron, I still use the “pen to paper” motto as well. I use a 3×5 sheet of folded paper to write my grocery lists on; write my list of songs that I lead on the Lord’s Day; write the library class schedule down when I substitute in the public school libraries; jot down ideas and thoughts for future blog articles.

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Organizing Myself

How do I organize myself? Usually through the use of lists written on a 3×5 sheet of lined paper that I carry with me. Grocery lists and lists of the daily classes coming into a school library, are usually pretty detailed lists. Plus, if I get an idea for a blog article, I can quickly write it down before I forget it! 🙂

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A To-do List?

I usually keep my daily to-do list in my head. My wife makes a grocery list, and I try to adhere to the exact items on the list.

As far as church news goes, our congregation (Montana St.) is having a picnic at one of the local parks on Saturday. We have plenty of food and provide games for both kids and adults, so it’s a lot fun and fellowship with brother and sisters in Christ.

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