June 2015 Issue of Christian Worker (Preaching God’s Word)

Here’s a link to the latest PDF issue of the Christian Worker.

Here are the topics that you will find:

  • “Preach in View of the Judgment” (Rick Brumback)
  • “Reprove…Rebuke” (Sam Willcut)
  • “Be Instant in Season; out of Season” (Al Macias)
  • Exhort (John Moore)
  • Preach with All Longsuffering (Wayne Jones)
  • Preach Sound Doctrine (Joshua Moore)
  • Who Are False Teachers? (Don Walker)
  • The Role of a Preacher (Dewayne Bryant)

Christian Worker is an edification effort of the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

When I first saw today’s nudge, I immediately thought of the old Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.”

Stephen has pretty well summed up my thoughts on the subject of the good and bad of work. The most difficult part of a work environment (the ugly), is not the work itself, but the people with whom we work. For example, it’s very difficult to get along with a boss or co-worker who is a perfectionist, or one who has a bipolar disorder (I worked with one for two years), so there is a lot of forbearance, longsuffering, and forgiveness that must take place in the work environment (Colossians 3:12-13). It’s not an easy task in working with some folks, thus the need for much prayer, not only for ourselves, but for those with whom we work (Romans 12:12).

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I think mine is the one of Saul of Tarsu…

I think mine is the one of Saul of Tarsus. I know if we were the ones deciding who would or could become a Christian and lived back in the First Century–I don’t think we would have him high or low on our list. You have to read Acts 9, 22 & 26 to get as Luke says, “The Whole Counsel of God.”

This shows the longsuffering and mercy of our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Many times those who we think will be no use to the Lord and His Church can become fruitful disciples. Remember, as one song has as its title: “There’s Room in the Kingdom for All.”

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Bible Studies Shared

I don’t know who you are but thanks for visiting my “Bible Studies Shared” WordPress blog yesterday. The hits came from the fellowship room. The study was on Longsuffering and I hope it helpful to you.

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