To Be the One Whom Jesus Loved

To be the one whom Jesus loved,
What privilege true and rare!
To know the man whose love was proved,
To hear him in his prayer!

To sit with Christ, upon him lean,
His every secret share!
To witness every step and scene,
With spirit pure and bare! Continue reading

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It Is Finished! I have to agree with Lau…

It Is Finished!

I have to agree with Laura on this one. By our Lord saying these words, it is a culmination of Old Testament prophecy that was in the plan of God before the foundation of the world. Jesus had to be lifted up on the Cross (prophecy) to redeem fallen man, but we can glory in the fact that He is not on the Cross now but died ONCE for us. It behooves us to worship Him Daily and seek to live for Him who died for us!

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