A wonderful feeling to have

On my new microblog, a link to today’s memory verse, Heb 13.18. This verse reminds me of a number of truths:

  • Pray for us: Equality and reciprocity are a part of God’s body. We all need to ask for prayer.
  • We are sure: Certainty, based on God’s word, is a wonderful feeling to have.
  • We have a clear conscience: To be greatly valued. No matter what our past was like, God changes all.
  • Desire: What do we really want? Right desire focuses us toward right action.
  • Conduct ourselves rightly: To do right before God brings great blessing from above.
  • In every respect: Integrity and simplicity unite all under God’s direction, with no area left untouched.

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Write the verse again and again and again

Writing enhances memory. The act of writing seems to fix the information more firmly in the mind, say both the scientists and personal experience. So perhaps as a part of the process of storing up the word of God in our hearts — heart here representing the whole person including the mind — we might want to consider writing scriptures more often. Continue reading

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100 Key Scriptures

In his book Family of God, published by Gospel Advocate, Batsell Barrett Baxter listed 100 passages of Scripture he considered important for memorization. Below is his list, taken from the Getwell congregation’s site.

1. Matthew 16:13-18—Peter’s Confession of Christ

2. Ephesians 5:22-32­—­Analogy of Marriage and the Church

3. John 3:16—God’s Love for the World

4. Acts 10:34-35—No Respecter of Persons

5. Matthew 28:18-20—The Great Commission

6. John 14: 1-3—Preparing a Home in Heaven

7. I Peter 2:5, 9—Christians Are Living Stones, a Royal Priesthood

8. Matthew 13:3-53—Christ’s Parables

9. I Corinthians 12:12-31—The Church Is Like a Body

10. Daniel 2:44—God’s Kingdom To Be Established

11. I Corinthians 3:11—Christ, the Foundation

12. Mark 9:1—The Kingdom To Begin Soon

13. John 17:20-21—Christ’s Prayer for Unity

14. Acts 4:8-12—Salvation in No Other Name

15. I Peter 4:14-16—Suffer As a Christian

16. Matthew 21:23—Christ’s Authority Questioned

17. Matthew 10:19-20—The Holy Spirit To Guide the Apostles

18. Galatians 1:8-9—Danger of Falling Away

19. Romans 3:10, 23—All Are Sinners

20. I John 1:8, 10—Those Who Claim No Sin Are Deceived Continue reading

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