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  • Eugene Adkins 6:48 am on 2016-10-20 Permalink | Reply
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    Beat the holiday rush with this list 

    Do yourself a favor and start getting ready today to beat the coming holiday rush with this list!

    But slow down with the mad-dash for the pen and paper because I’m not talking about beating the rush for the holiday you may think I’m talking about.

    I’m talking about the holiday that is supposed cause us to list the things that we are grateful for already having instead of the holiday that causes us to make a list of things that we or others want more than need. I’m talking about Thanksgiving.

    Here’s a list of examples of some things that could help you beat this year’s rush by creating a grateful mindset today: (More …)

  • Eugene Adkins 6:42 am on 2016-09-20 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t go to church 

    You read the title right. I’m telling you not to go to church. Do this instead: (More …)

    • docmgphillips 3:45 pm on 2016-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      You are clever…I have a question I have been thinking about: Can we really ask a non-member to come to “worship” with us?

      • Eugene 6:27 am on 2016-09-22 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks. And yeah, I believe we can. 1 Corinthians 14:23 shows that such happened with the church at Corinth. A non-member may not understand it all but it gives them a chance to learn, and it gives the congregation a chance to show some hospitality.

        Have a good day brother.

        • docmgphillips 9:27 am on 2016-09-22 Permalink | Reply

          By all means ask them to “visit.” Beg them to “visit.” What I meant was, if they are not Christians, can they “worship” with us, or are they just spectators?

          • Eugene 3:22 pm on 2016-09-23 Permalink | Reply

            I believe worship is possible for people who aren’t Christians. An unbeliever, no. But if people are seeking God I think it matters. Such was the case with Cornelius. I don’t believe that worship in and of itself makes a person right with God, but I believe a person can consider God to be a being worthy of humanity’s worship even though they may not have resigned themselves to following the initial steps found in places such as Romans 10:10. I think Christians have more obligations when it comes to worshipping God, but I don’t think not being saved necessarily keeps God from recognizing the intent of an individual’s heart.

  • TFRStaff 5:02 am on 2016-08-09 Permalink | Reply
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    Hugh’s News & Views (Default Mindset) 


    According to computer technology and terminology, a “default” is “a pre-selected option or a pre-designed value or setting.” For example, when I started typing this article the page appeared in the format that I had previously designated for the settings I would like for all the pages to have when I type these essays. I do not have to re-set the borders of the pages, the type style, the font size, etc. each time I compose an article. All of these things have already been determined and “saved” to the default setting for all “News and Views” essays. (More …)

  • Eugene Adkins 8:46 am on 2016-05-30 Permalink | Reply
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    A sad situation that reveals an even sadder mindset 

    I don’t know if you’ve heard the news (as of right now, the video on YouTube already has over 5 1/2 million views), but a very sad, bad and unfortunate situation played out over the weekend when a very young child fell into a lowland gorilla exhibit at a Cincinnati zoo. The boy’s encounter with the gorilla ultimately resulted in the gorilla being shot and killed, and the boy having to go to the hospital for, what some media outlets were calling, “non-life-threatening” injuries. And as of this morning, according to the stories of outrage now being directed toward the zoo and the parents, it seems as if another result of the situation will be that the family of this young child will have to go into protective custody!

    The following are “some” of the “profanity-free” comments that can be read on YouTube. Now I want to say that I have no doubt that some of these “comments” are only being made because of the brashness, “boldness”, “bravery” and desire for attention that oft describes many comments made on websites. But that fact withstanding, I believe that some of the comments come from their maker’s heart and that they reflect a growing warped mindset concerning the western culture’s view of human life versus animal life. Look at what I mean:

    • The employee who killed the gorilla should be fired and sent to prison.
    • They should have let the gorilla kill the kid. There are around 200 left of them on the entire planet and nearly 7 billion people. We’re a disgusting species that ruined our natural ecosystem. Now we keep animals in cages for our entertainment. Shame on all of us.
    • They should’ve shot the child instead of the gorilla
    • Hmm there’s only a handful of gorillas in the world left. There’s millions of little boys, this should speak for itself.
    • Gorillas are endangered kids are not I think we know who should’ve been shot.
    • I still can’t believe the gorilla had to die over protection of a 3yr old
    • They shot an innocent, beautiful Silverback because of a BAD mother, how disgusting
    • If someone forced me out of my natural habitat to entertain people and these entertained people managed to fall… i would have done worse than this gorilla.

    On and on the comments go. Now we see the mindset that leads to millions of government tax dollars going to child-aborting-production-line companies such as “Planned Parenthood” while “adults” elsewhere chain themselves to trees and freely give millions of dollars to companies that fight for animal lives. Now we see the mindset that leads to more tears being shed over the thought of an animal losing its life than the rivers of human blood that flows down America’s sewers because of “liberty”. Now we see the mindset that leads to legal action being taken against people who reveal the flippant attitude that Murder Inc. bosses have toward the dead body of a human fetus while the people who release footage of animals being killed on food-farms are lauded as heroes. Now we see the mindset that causes a sad situation to become something that reveals an even sadder mindset.

    Is there room for discussion about vigilant parenting when it comes to this situation? No doubt. But I believe that there is now more room for discussion about the mindset that calls for “vigilante” justice because the life of a child was protected by taking the life of an animal.

    Look at the birds in the sky: They do not sow, or reap, or gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren’t you more valuable than they are?” (Matthew 6:26 – NET)

    #abortion, #animal-rights, #animals, #human-life, #mindset, #news, #values, #western-culture

    • John Henson 7:50 pm on 2016-05-31 Permalink | Reply

      If one is thoroughly pragmatic, then the child should have been shot. If one is a naturalist, then the zoo employee should be fired and prosecuted. Values in this world have been turned topsy turvy because of these and other philosophies.

  • Eugene Adkins 8:50 am on 2015-11-26 Permalink | Reply
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    Bootstraps don’t belong at the Thanksgiving table 

    We may have pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps in many ways in our life, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, not only do the boots have no place on the table, neither do the bootstraps!

    Thanksgiving is about what God has given to us – not what we have earned our self. Else it would be Thanks-taking, and not Thanks-giving.

    But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.” (1 Corinthians 15:10)

  • Eugene Adkins 7:05 am on 2014-01-29 Permalink | Reply
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    A mindset that will cost many their souls 

    With a title given for an article like the one above there are sure to be some who would immediately write me off as being too judgmental, a legalist, or even a heretic. But what if I were to say that the title above is based on a plainly written piece of the scriptures? Would it cause you to stop and think and read and think some more? Let’s find out.

    There are many people in Christendom (I’ve heard it myself) who believe that the love of God is all that matters when it comes to one’s doctrine, practice, profession and salvation. And while saying that the love of God does not play the largest role in these items is furthest thing from my point, my major point is that there’s more to sound doctrine, an active practice, a holy profession and eternal salvation than the love of God for us. What I’m saying is that a mindset that says, “The love of God is all that matters” can and will cost many people their soul.

    So where do I get the audacity to say such a thing? Well, to be perfectly honest it’s not my audacity that’s saying it. It’s not Matthew’s, Mark’s, Luke’s, Paul’s, James’, Jude’s, Peter’s or John’s audacity either. Neither is it an audacious “Old Testament” commandment! The warning comes straight from the mouth of Jesus:

    Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will go into the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the pleasure of my Father in heaven. A great number will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, were we not prophets in your name, and did we not by your name send out evil spirits, and by your name do works of power? And then will I say to them, I never had knowledge of you: go from me, you workers of evil.” (Matthew 7:21-23 – BBE)

    Is the love of God all that matters according to Jesus’ admonition? Or does our love for God and doing His will actually play a much more serious role than what some present? Am I still being too judgmental, or a legalist, or am I still a heretic now? If you believe so then I would earnestly encourage you lay aside the costly lessons of men and women and take a seat with the rest of Jesus’ disciples at the foot of the mountain (Matthew 5-7) because it’s there that you’ll find that our mindset towards God can cost us as much as God is willing to pay for us.

    Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Father’s who sent Me.” (John 14:23-24)

    • Bernard Barton 8:35 am on 2014-01-29 Permalink | Reply

      Amen brother. we hear this all the time from denominational preachers-they say we don’t have to do anything to obey the gospel to be saved-they say believe & the the Lord will come into you-the Bible
      says there is more-than just believe-

    • shepherdguardian 9:01 am on 2014-01-29 Permalink | Reply

      Reblogged this on The Shepherd/Guardian.

  • Mike Riley 9:46 pm on 2010-04-25 Permalink | Reply
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    A Question About The Sunday Evening Assembly 

    There have been several churches of Christ here in the El Paso area who have discontinued their Sunday evening assembly. I’m wondering if this is a trend among churches of Christ nation-wide, or is this mindset confined to just our area? Will appreciate your input.

    • Laura 10:50 pm on 2010-04-25 Permalink | Reply

      Haven’t seen that here. We used to not have evening service because we had nowhere to meet. That got remedied. Granted, it is not a Biblical requirement to meet twice on Sundays, but when you’ve been doing it and stop, it gives the impression that you don’t want to worship God as much. My guess is that they are doing it because no one is showing up.

      • Mike Riley 12:56 am on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the reply, Laura. I don’t think it’s because no one is showing up, because all three of the largest churches of Christ in El Paso are discontinuing their evening services. One would think the smaller congregations might be discontinuing their evening service, but not the larger congregations. For whatever reason, it’s a disturbing trend to say the least.

        • Laura 1:00 am on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

          The largest one near us had house church on Sunday night instead of an assembly. But they’ve done that for many years.

          My husband pointed out that the trend to not have evening service is actually prevalent in denominations. There’s a huge Baptist church across the street from us. They are never there except for Sunday mornings, as far as we can tell. We pass a few others on the way to our building. No one is there either. The Catholics down the street from us have taken to having Sat. night services.

    • Glenda Williams 2:18 am on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

      Mike, churches in our area in South Alabama are still meeting on Sunday evening. Some in the Montgomery area are meeting in homes. What you are referring to has been going on for years in different places. I still like to see the church building lighted and the doors unlocked on Sunday evening and members gathered to worship God.

      • Mike Riley 2:59 am on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

        Glenda, the home church concept must be what some congregations are going to. Don’t guess there’s anything wrong in doing that – they met in homes in the 1st century. However, I’m like you – I still like to see members gather to worship God on Sunday evening at the church building. It all has to do with our spiritual influence in the community – what kind of message are we sending the community we live in if we don’t assemble as the Lord’s people?

        • Laura 10:18 am on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

          Mike, did they meet simultaneously in different houses, dividing the congregation for worship, or did they meet in different houses to share food and fellowship of each others’ company? The congregation I mentioned up here does the former. Besides being questionable, there is a big danger to the practice of splintering the congregation for worship: how can elders watch over the whole flock if they are not together? It also forms clicks.

        • Mike Riley 12:39 pm on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

          Laura, I don’t know what they do in their houses. This is what I want to find out. However, I totally agree that there is a danger of splintering the congregation for worship.

        • Laura 1:42 pm on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

          Sorry I wasn’t clear. My question was regarding the Christians in the first century. Did they splinter into sub-groups and meet separately for worship?

        • Mike Riley 3:17 pm on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

          Laura, I’m afraid you’ll have to ask some of the knowledgeable preachers here about that – I don’t really know the secular history of what they did in the first century apart from the Scriptures. From Acts 2:46 and Acts 20:20, we do know the meeting was from “house to house.”

    • Ron 9:47 am on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

      In east central Illinois, most that I am aware of still meet at the building on Sunday evening. A church in Champaign, and then one in Springfield meet in “small groups,” but apart from that, we all have regular meetings.

      • Mike Riley 12:35 pm on 2010-04-26 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for your input, Ron. I’m glad to hear that the church hasn’t discontinued meeting on Sunday evening.

    • Don Ruhl 8:45 am on 2010-04-27 Permalink | Reply

      Mike, there is a “non-institutional” congregation here in Grants Pass that does not meet for evening services. I know of some congregations that have another service after lunch and then they are done for the day.

  • Mike Riley 1:53 pm on 2010-03-24 Permalink | Reply
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    My favorite prophet is Jeremiah because of his great love and concern for the restoration and salvation of his people. We can see this same mindset in the Lord (Matthew 23:37) and in Paul (Romans 10:1; Romans 11:14; 1 Corinthians 9:22). We should have the same mindset as well (2 Timothy 2:24-26).

  • jimnewy 4:26 pm on 2010-03-05 Permalink | Reply
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    Keeping a Good Attitude 

    How do you keep a good attitude? Sometimes that’s a problem for me when I let something get under my skin. The biggest emotion for me to overcome are lazy or “don’t care” people. That is when my irritation shows, even when I try to not let it. It’s in my voice before I realize it. How do I get over it. I just to have ask and tell myself it’s importance, then move on. I also have a problem with my own physical ailments at times. Yesterday was one of those days. I was in pain when sitting at my PC and then it became a slug. A little self talk on the importance of what I wanted to do. Told myself it wasn’t and started doing somethings to revive the speed. By the time that was accomplished it was too late to do much. I missed responding to a couple of nudge responses, but I appreciated being able to read all of your responses.

  • Mike Riley 2:17 pm on 2010-03-05 Permalink | Reply
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    How do I keep a good attitude? By maintaining a spiritual mindset – keeping focused on those things above – looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith – looking for that “better country” (Colossians 3:1-2; Hebrews 12:1-2; Hebrews 11:16). Many times in my mind, I sing “This world Is not my home, I’m just a passing through.”

    If we’ll think of this world as just our temporary dwelling place, and that we are nothing more than “strangers and pilgrims” on it (Hebrews 11:13), we’ll have a better attitude toward life and living.

    Brethren, there’s something “better” ahead of us!

  • Mike Riley 3:55 pm on 2010-01-09 Permalink | Reply
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    The specific trend that I’ve seen over the past 40 years, is the desire for the church to be like the denominations round about them (cf. 1 Samuel 8:5; 1 Samuel 8:19-20). The mindset of present-day people hasn’t changed much in 3,000 years.

    Bro. Wayne Jackson made some other significant observations regarding trends and the great needs of the church, in an article written by Bro. Steve Lloyd in 2002, as he interviewed Bro. Jackson:


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