Moshers’ permanent residency approved in NZ

From Lance, Kristen, and Silas Mosher, received Oct 12: We just heard from Immigration New Zealand, and our residency has been approved. To save you from all of the details, this basically means we can live and work in New Zealand for as long as we would like, with a few conditions. Continue reading

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Pray for Mike Landon

Just got word that Michael Landon is in ICU at Yale hospital. He had two heart attacks, and his kidneys have shut down. The family is flying to be with him. Mike is my age. He works with the Groton CT congregation. He and his family worked in São Paulo for several years back in the 80s/90s. Information thanks to Paul Goddard who talked to the Landons’ daughter by phone.

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For missionaries seeking funds

The new year always seems to result in some extra requests for funds related to mission work. If you know of some missionaries who are seeking funds, feel free to let them know they can post information about their search for finances at

This site also has some the links that congregations and preachers can use to help them connect with one another.

In Him, Brad Price

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Gone, an example of lifetime dedication

A good man died today. Glenn Looper worked 50 years in Brazil. A sterling example of dedication, he gave his life to the Lord. I had little contact with him, but his many years of service stand as a challenge to us all.

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Don Vinzant passed away today in Okla.

Early this morning Don Vinzant passed away, just a couple of weeks or so after a cancer diagnosis. We were with him about three years ago in a large event in northeast Brazil, where he was instrumental in encouraging the churches in that area to faithfulness in doctrine. I’m grateful to him for that.

So many of the older missionaries have softened on the truth of the gospel. I saw none of that in Don, but always a concern for what was right, along with his gentle spirit. I did not know him well, but he always communicated the kindness and compassion of Christ.

He was a predecessor in the work in Brazil, so we are spiritual benefactors of his work and example here.

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Reported: Mikey Dawidow suffers fatal heart attack

A sister in Christ posted this notice on Facebook. I have no confirmation, but it would appear to be legitimate. I don’t know this family, but have heard the name.

Please pray for Michael, Molly and Anabelle Dawidow, missionaries in Poland. Their son, Mikey, was found dead by his father after he had suffered a massive heart attack. Molly and Anabelle were in Mississippi when this happend and should be back home by now. God please give them strength and comfort to help them in their grief and loss.

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Question About Support

In our physical families, how we spend our money affects the rest of the family. For example, if the Father blows his paychecks on gambling and his wife can’t afford groceries, then she and the children go hungry. On the other hand, if he is wise with his money, his family can prosper.

An idea comes to mind along this line that might make a good discussion. Each congregation is autonomous and each congregation’s leadership is accountable for how they spend the Lord’s money. We are all children of God and we are all given the task to glorify Christ (Ephesians 3:20-21), through service, worship, evangelism, helping the poor, etc.

Now, consider a question. Since we are all in the same family, despite being in autonomous congregations, how accountable are we to each other, in how we spend our money? We have so many mission works and missionaries that are closing down for lack of funds. Good programs that could bless the world, never get off of the ground, for the same reason.

Therefore, I ask, how accountable are we, as members of the Lord’s body, to each other?If not in deed, what about in spirit?

There is more than enough to do the Lord’s will. But most of it goes to non-spiritual activities, which damages the progress of the entire body. God has to be completely heart-broken about this sad fact.

Any thoughts?

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