No matter what language we speak, people understand what our clothes say

I had the opportunity to have a small, but good, spiritual conversation with a stranger today. How so? It was all because of the clothes that I was wearing!

I had already started the conversation with small talk while I was waiting on my family. I was alone. He was alone. So I decided to try to be friendly. He decided to be the same in return.

After the small talk, the conversation led to the man saying, “I noticed the way you are dressed. Did you go to church today?” (He had also “been to church” by the way.) From there we were able to have a pleasant conversation about the Bible; and because of that conversation I was able to invite him to the church’s services. After my family and I left the restaurant I thought that it was neat that I got to talk about the Bible simply because of what my clothes said to him.

Now my purpose with this post isn’t to say that clothes make the person, that clothes determine the value of one’s soul, or that clothes are even close to being the first thing that we should allow to make a spiritual impression on us; far from it (James 2:1-4; Luke 20:46; Matthew 23:5). My purpose is simply this – no matter what language we speak, people understand what our clothes say.

Clothing is often worn to make an impression on others or because it’s made an impression on us…that’s why certain name-brand tags can double, triple, quadruple, etc. the price of a shirt or a pair of pants. So clothing talks, no arguments or doubt about it. Not only does the kind of clothes we wear talk, but so does the way we wear them. On top of that, the amount of clothing we wear says that much more!

Many Christians, both men and women alike, will be tempted this summer to wear “clothing” that is not fitting of God’s calling. If fig-leaf bikini’s didn’t work in Eden (Genesis 3:7, 21), then no bikini, regardless of the material that’s used, will work outside of Eden’s garden. God uses water to save us through Jesus (1 Peter 3:21), but God doesn’t use water to change wrong to right. The temptation to “look good” and the call to be dressed in and dressed with righteous isn’t the same thing! (Romans 14:17; 1 Corinthians 15:34; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Philippians 1:11; 2 Timothy 2:22; Titus 2:12; 1 Peter 2:24)

If we know that “dressing up” says something to the general public (and we know that it does), then by default we should know what the lack of clothing also says (and we know that it does whether we want to admit it or not). So don’t forget – when it comes to modesty, whether we think about it or not, when we’re in the public, people are ease dropping on what our clothes, or the lack thereof, are spiritually saying to them all of the time.

I will be full of joy in the Lord, my soul will be glad in my God; for he has put on me the clothing of salvation, covering me with the robe of righteousness, as the husband puts on a fair head-dress, and the bride makes herself beautiful with jewels.” (Isaiah 61:10)

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May 2014 Issue of Christian Worker

Here’s a link to the latest PDF issue of the Christian Worker.

Here are the topics that you will find:

  • Why Some Men Must Be Marked (Fred House)
  • Balaam (Sam Willcut)
  • Is Dancing Sinful? (Johnie Scaggs, Jr)
  • Am I Saved or Lost? (Guy N. Woods)
  • Modesty Is for Men Also! (Carl B. Garner)
  • Excuses (Lynn Blair)
  • Sin Is Still Sin! (M. Floyd Bailey, Jr)
  • This We Must Accomplish (John W. Moore)
  • Only in Jesus (Wayne Jones)
  • Comfort for Troubled Hearts (Mike Vestal)

Christian Worker is an edification effort of the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

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Link to an audio sermon on “Does God Care What I Wear?”

Here’s a link to a recorded sermon on the topic of “Does God Care What I Wear?” There’s also a follow-up lesson on the same page (that I haven’t listened to yet), but as far the first lesson goes, it helps to put the focus on the proper parts when it comes to the subject that’s under consideration.

If you’re planning to present a lesson any time soon on the subject that’s obviously alluded to by the sermon’s title, it’s worth your time to sit a spell and listen; there’s plenty of room to “make the lesson your own”. But even if you’re not planning to preach on the subject – due to the little fact that you don’t preach – it’s still worth your consideration because of the way that the speaker addresses the topic. All in all, it’s a win-win for any listener who’s interested in the question that’s being asked.

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Revealing a Secret

Today, I violate the code and open the door on something Christian men have tried to keep quiet. Why? Because women need to know what Christian men REALLY think about modesty and immodesty in women so they can have more empathy and compassion. I hope you will read the article and share your thoughts on what I consider an important issue.

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Don’t Blush

Many preachers find strength is reading the words of the prophet Jeremiah. I certainly do. For me, there is something about that with which he was continually struggling that I find very helpful in that which I do. For instance, when the people of the land were crying out that all would be well, Jeremiah cried out that all would not be well. In fact, so deluded were the people in their thinking about what was going on that they could no longer blush (8:12).

In our day many surely follow the same philosophy that the people of Judah adhered to in Jeremiah’s day, don’t they? Women wear clothing that is so short that it would not take much more cutting off before the clothing item would become underwear! What about the dresses and the skirts? How about the tops that are worn, and should we mention anything about the bathing suits? In order to meet what some call modesty the clothing that covers the body is tight fitting and every crevice of the body is seen. Pitiful! Men are just as guilty, though the sheer number of items worn might be smaller to lament. When is it ever right for a male to go about shirtless, exposing that portion of the body that should only be seen by his wife (or, only within his home)? Some of the males exhibit their wisdom in the pants they wear when they have to walk in such a way that their knees are wider than their shoulders, and that’s only to prevent the pants from sliding down to the ground and really exposing their “wisdom”!

In our society this is a norm, and we don’t blush.

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Modesty is a Foreign Concept

The world has no concept of modesty. They wear as little as the law will allow.  After an hour in Wal-Mart today, I was exhausted from seeing so much immodesty that I posted on  Facebook, “Just say no to cleavage! Stop assaulting the public!” I thought my followers on  Twitter needed to hear this, as well. I lost six followers on Twitter, as a result. That is not surprising. People do not want to hear such things.

Women or men who walk around barely dressed, could ostensibly be accused of a small measure of sexual harassment on the public. They have a responsibility to be modest and to not be a s tumbling-block to the men around her (1 Timothy 2:8-9; Romans 14:13). Instead, they want to do anything they want without consequence.

This is even a serious problem in the church and it is getting worse. We need to be courageous and teach on this important subject.

Funny thing is, almost everyone will admit that immodesty is out of control in our society. Yet, things keep getting worse. There is a lot to consider about that from a psychological perspective.

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Modest Women

The brotherhood website, For Christian Girls, is accumulating articles for women and girls to learn more about modesty, morality and marriage. I hope you will link to the site and share it with young women/girls.

Modesty From the Waist Up

Modesty From the  Waist Down

Can You Say No?

Spring is Coming and God is  Watching

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MercEmail (02-19-11) Not Worth Wrestling About

MercEmail A Weekly Devotional by Steve Higginbotham
Some Things Are Not Worth "Wrestling" About
February 19, 2011

Wrestling is to the state of Iowa what basketball is to the state of Kentucky. For whatever reason, Iowa has excelled in the sport of wrestling. Since 1970, schools from the state of Iowa have won the NCAA National Championship in wrestling a total of 28 times! So wrestling is a big deal to them.

Enter Joel Northrup, a home-schooled sophomore who was 35-4 during the regular season, but this past week defaulted out of his opening Iowa State Tournament match at 112 pounds. Why would he refuse to wrestle and throw away his chance at such a huge event? The answer is because his opponent was a girl. Joel thinks that the physical contact involved in wrestling is inappropriate between a boy and a girl. So rather than violate his conscience, he defaulted in the match, the victory was given to the girl, and his chances of being a state champion passed him by.

Since this young man’s decision, some have accused him of just being a coward; being afraid to lose to a girl. Others have ridiculed his decision as being puritan, but with respect to me, he’s gained a fan!

The cost of conviction can sometimes be great, but the rewards of integrity are always substantially greater!

Copyright C 2011, Steve Higginbotham. Permission is granted to copy these articles.

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Women, Reclaim Your Self-Worth

I hope you will read my new article that discusses how women can reclaim their self-worth in a society that defines women by their sexuality. They need to realize their their self-worth comes from  God, not Hollywood.

Read More

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Modesty and Smoking

I have two new items on my blog that you might find interesting.

First, proof that you might become what you smoke.

Second, I have a modesty poll question up for your consideration. Please come by and vote.

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