Why extra-biblical resources for spiritual authority are so frustrating

Last week I posted an article called “Jesus is THE prophet of God” on Keltonburg Preacher and I received a comment that questioned the reliability of such a statement and belief. By doing so the comment revealed why extra-biblical resources for spiritual authority are so frustrating. How’s that? Let me show you how by dropping you in midstream of the conversation.

The reply to my article:

“Well, i’m a Christian and I believe Jesus to be the Son of God, not a prophet”

My reply:

“…Now as to whether or not Jesus was a (and more importantly “the”) prophet of God consider a few things: Continue reading

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Nothing sadder

Tweeting historyA marathon of tweets Friday night—worst of all times—gave a short history, with links, of the Forthright/GoSpeak efforts. When the American government releases news it doesn’t want anybody to take note of, it’s done on Friday nights.

But in my lonesomeness, with The Missus gone to a retreat (not a retweet), it seemed a good idea, so off we tweeted. Like this one,

• Nothing sadder than progressives mouthing love and grace as a criticism of their brethren, and that in the public square before pagans. But they can’t do otherwise. For all their words, progressives are reactionaries.

• The crying prophet Jeremiah was so impressed with God’s instructions to buy the Anathoth field, and with the confirmation of that when his cousin Hanamel showed up and confirmed it, that he burst out in praise in chap. 32.16-25. Not far into that praise, he said, “You plan great things and you do mighty deeds” (Jer 32.19 NET). When God plans, it comes to fruition. What a comforting thought!

• Good friend and colaborer in works virtual, Richard Mansel, asks every Friday on Facebook what his buddies are reading. A great question. I used his weekly practice as part of an introduction this morning to Bible class. I’m teaching a series on the New Testament church. Today’s lesson, “The Reading of the Church,” literal translation. Better maybe, “The Church’s Reading Material.” Main verses used: Mt 22.31, Ac 15.22-31, Cl 4.16, 1Th 5.27, 1Tm 4.13, Rv 1.3. You don’t have to guess very hard to stumble on my direction with this class. Continue reading

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“Another Testament?”

New Proclaimer article written by Tom Wacaster – “Another Testament?”

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I am currently reading the Book of Mormo…

I am currently reading the Book of Mormon and a discussion on Mormonism between Otis Gatewood and Kenneth Farnsworth.

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