This little piece to encourage especially those who aren’t morning people.

Mornings call to life and new beginnings,
Awakens in the heart those tenderest feelings;
Words fly up to God in gratitude,
The early hour sets the day’s whole mood.

J. Randal Matheny

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Set this day for good

Up early as usual, with only the birds disturbing the quiet. The light gradually grows outside the window. There’s no experience like the dawn.

While still young, this day can be set to bring joy, peace, and fulfillment. Make it so!

“Satisfy us in the morning with your loyal love! Then we will shout for joy and be happy all our days!” Psalm 90.14 NET.

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Why I’m Wearing Pajamas To Church

While scanning the Twitter posts this morning, I came across this blog by a “pastor” that I thought was eye-opening:

I pray that the Lord’s church doesn’t start following this latest “trend.”

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Saturdays are like any other day for me….

Saturdays are like any other day for me. Whatever needs to be done is done. This morning, I’ll go grocery shopping, get my song list ready for the song service tomorrow, write and post another article to my blog, study my adult Bible class lesson to present tomorrow morning, and walk my dog (or rather she walks me!) :).

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Any Preparation For Sunday?

What are my Saturday nights like? How about Saturday morning? Along with some other members of the Montana St. congregation, I’m preparing to go to our local Veteran’s Home this morning to give a devotional message to the residents there. Many times, there are more folks in attendance there than at the church building, so it’s rather refreshing to see so many older folks in attendance. We try to offer them a word of encouragement from the Lord’s Book, offer a couple of prayers, sing a couple of hymns, and then thank them for coming. It really brightens up their day as well as ours.

I also leave the residents copies of my devotional lesson, so they can study it along with their Bibles.

If I’m the preacher of the hour on Sunday, I usually study my already prepared lesson on Saturday afternoons, so that the message will be fresh on my mind. If I’m the song leader for the Sunday morning service, I always prepare my song list on Saturday afternoon as well. I’m a great believer in the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared.”

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Morning or Night Person?

I am a morning person. I am up most of the time around 4:00 AM, no alarm. After some coffee and medication I am on my knees in prayer for about 20 mins. Then more meds. and breakfast. I use my PC for Bible study and eat my breakfast at the same time. By 6:00 AM I am ready for a short nap because of the meds. Then off to the shower. This is pretty well my routine 7 days a week. This also makes me a person of routine, which is fine with me. I like to know what Im going to be doing and when I’m going to do it.

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Morning or Night Person

Everybody knows I am a night person. Douglas says I come alive around 10:00 PM. I do a lot of my writing at night. I enjoy getting up around 5:00 AM to read my Bible, and then head back to bed for an extra nap before my little mother (soon-to-be 99) gets up. I am trying to do better about getting to bed earlier.

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Morning or night person? Either works fo…

Morning or night person? Either works for me. I can stay up late and be quite productive when I need to. I typically get up early (5:30ish). When I hit the pillow at night, I’m out almost immediately. When the alarm rings in the morning, I hit the floor running. 6.5 – 7 hours of sleep is perfect for me. I feel like I’m wasting time if I’m in bed longer than that.

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Daily Nudge and Tuesday news

Today’s Daily Nudge asks the Fellows (and anybody else who wants to reply here), are you a morning or night person? Now, how does that affect your personal devotional time? Some people grope blindly through the morning, until they wake up about noon. (I won’t call names.) Were David (Psalm 88:13) and Jesus (Mark 1:35) morning people to get up early and pray?

Still looking for news from our readers out there. Easy to do: click on the Reply link in the upper right of this post.

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