The Mom Every Generation Needs!

The mom that every generation needs is a mom who knows when to dry the tears and when to make them, for a generation that has no respect for their mother is a generation that will have no respect for themselves!

He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly.” (Proverbs 13:24)

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My mother the light of the world

“You are the light of the world …” Matthew 5:14.

Jesus is, of course, the light of the world, and, with all the authority in heaven and on earth given to Him, He tells us to go … and be lights of the world. Our job? To illuminate the darkness around us with the light that Jesus is because we have obeyed His gospel.

The story goes that a little boy was supposed to recite a Scripture he had memorized in Bible class. Even though his classmates were with him, he got nervous in front of so many people and forgot what he was going to say. So, his mother in one of the first few rows began mouthing the words, “I am the light of the world.” Encouraged by her help, the boy declared, “My mother is the light of the world.”

There’s much truth in this as in one way or another we all who have been baptized into Christ have clothed ourselves with Christ and so influence everyone around us with the light of Christ. How much so mothers, whom God has placed in a special place of influence over her children to train them in the way they should go.

The faith of the young evangelist, Timothy, was an example of this that Paul credits the light of Timothy’s grandmother, Lois, and mother, Eunice.

If you are in Christ, you are the light of someone’s world.

How are you illuminating?

Doug Kashorek

Plattsburgh church of Christ

author of Kin of Cain

a Christian historical fantasy

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Be Careful What You Say

Early in my preaching career, I realized that I must be careful the way I phrase things in order to be sensitive to the needs of the audience.

For example, on Mother’s Day, I always remember that not all women can be Mothers. In our exuberance to praise Mothers we can say something that will harm the childless.

Imagine being a childless Mother who hears the preacher say that God blesses godly women with children. The obvious conclusion is that she doesn’t have children because she is a sinner. Where does Scripture say that?

We can inadvertently say things that can offend people if we do not consider the larger implications of our words.

When I prepare a power point presentation, which are largely images, I give thought to how something can be taken. In our writing we must always consider this. Sometimes, I fail and people get offended. I apologize to them. But the better path is to try to prevent it from happening in the beginning.

We cannot always know what will offend people. In an audience, there are many people’s whose lives consist of events and scars that the preacher cannot possibly know.

Naturally, we can say things that cause harm without intention. Nevertheless, we can give every consideration to what we can control, in this area.

On Facebook, I just saw a quote that is intended to praise Mothers and Grandmothers. The quote is: The Best Moms Get Promoted to Grandmas.” That is sweet but doesn’t hold a shred of evidence in the real world. Accordingly, I would caution any speaker from using it in a lesson.

Countless Mothers have children who either die, are infertile or choose not to have children. What does it accomplish to brand these women as bad mothers? How does that help spread the Gospel and help anyone get to heaven? In fact, it may impede their spirituality!

Let us be careful what we say and use our tongue and pen wisely (James 3:1-12).

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