Good, but not the main, reason

One author seeks to motivate people to read their Bibles by doing it for others. Continue reading

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Going to church today will do you no good


Yes, you read the title correctly. Going to church today will do you no good,

  • if you do not go in order to seek the Lord’s presence, Hb 11.6;
  • if you do not worship him in spirit and in truth, Jo 4.24;
  • if you go looking only to receive rather than give, Ac 20.35;
  • if you go to perform and get attention, rather than to edify, 1Co 14;
  • if you go merely out of a sense of obligation, and not spurred by a sense of gratitude, Psa 28.7; 2Co 9.7. Continue reading

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Not home yet

I’ve read this story before, but bro. Mike Benson shares it again as a wonderful reminder to all who dedicate themselves to the progress of the gospel in the Kingdom of God.

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