What Type Of Things Written

Like Ron, I still use the “pen to paper” motto as well. I use a 3×5 sheet of folded paper to write my grocery lists on; write my list of songs that I lead on the Lord’s Day; write the library class schedule down when I substitute in the public school libraries; jot down ideas and thoughts for future blog articles.

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Daily Nudge: life motto — and news

Do you have a motto for your life? Or a mission statement? A word, phrase, paragraph that sums up who you are, who you want to be, what you think it’s all about? Plinky.com asked this recently, and since we’re coming up on a new year when such thoughts are common to man, it seemed a good one to ask today. I hope it’s not been asked before, but if so, consider it again, in light of the fast train approaching that is 2011.

We’re taking our guests today to see the second largest Catholic basilica in the world, after the Vatican. It’s one of the testaments to that religion, and considering we work in its shadow, seeing it provides a perspective hard to get elsewhere.

Don’t think I mentioned that we had a baptism on Saturday. Was a wonderful moment. A young girl that Paula studied with and Jorge baptized, after our BBQ together. What news have you?

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