Movie Review: Paddington 2

My family and I had the chance to go the movies this weekend. We watched Paddington 2. To say the least, we were pleasantly surprised!

We watched Part 1 on DVD. It was okay. Because of that we somewhat knew what to expect with Part 2. To be honest, we (my wife and I) weren’t expecting much. But the thing is, Part 2 is so much better than Part 1.

The graphics are great (Paddington is the only animated character, but there are other animated scenes that are supplemental to the movie). The directing and acting are great. The screenplay is great. The storyline and plot are great, even for adults. And when it comes to being family friendly – the movie is simply great.

Unlike several of the movie previews that preceded the movie (especially Gnomeo & Juliet – Sherlock Gnomes, which should not be watched by children), Paddington 2 contains no “adult humor” or innuendos that often “go above the head” of children. The movie contains one “OMG” phrase. Best as memory serves, that is the only bad mark I can give it.

The movie places a high priority on family values, honesty, treating people the right way, doing the right thing, looking for the good and redeeming qualities in people, and kindness.

Paddington 2 deserves much more hype that it has received. If you’re looking for a family movie, this movie deserves to be watched. You won’t be disappointed.

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Movie Review: The Jungle Book

My family and some friends went to see the new “Jungle Book” movie and we weren’t disappointed. I’ll go ahead and tell you that I give it 9 out of 10 stars. I’ll quickly explain why it gets 9 stars and not 10 at the end of my character reviews. Keep in mind that I won’t mention every movie character, but, best as my memory serves me, the only characters that you won’t see returning to the big-screen are the three vultures from the end of the original. I would have liked to have seen them, even if it were only for the value of their song.

Having said what I have already said, the movie gives credit to Rudyard Kipling’s book (one of many that I have never read) but I’m sure the average viewer (myself included) won’t be able to keep from comparing it in their mind to the classic animated movie from years gone by. Before I get into some comparisons and contrasts, consider this paragraph as your spoiler warning (I’ll try not to reveal any major moments – at least not all of them). Continue reading

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Movie Review: Inside Out

Last night my family and I watched one of Disney’s latest movies, Inside Out. I was actually surprised at the quality of the movie. I’m not very keen on some of the actors/actresses who voice the characters, but, overall, the characters make for an animated movie that’s way more mature than childish…which is surprising for most modern-day Disney movies because when I say it’s mature, I mean it in a good way.

The strengths:

In my opinion, the movie will strike a chord with more adults than children when you get down to the root theme of the movie. Continue reading

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Kid's Movie Review

I’m not the biggest fan of Disney animated movies (along with a couple of other animated movie makers whose target is children) for multiple reasons, of which are the adult themed comments that get sprinkled in from beginning to end, but I believe when it comes to Disney’s “Big Hero 6” there is almost a big exception to the last couple of decades worth of rules. When it comes to this movie in particular, you can count me in.

“Big Hero 6” contains a number of opportunistic teaching moments…particularly when it comes to biblical concepts! To me, this is a shocker when you consider that Disney was behind the film. The movie gives parents an opportunity to talk about redemptive and enduring qualities like love and friendship, as well as opportunities to talk about the dangers of anger, hate and revenge; especially the often unintended cost of revenge. And for those of you who are old enough to get what I’m about to say, the end of the movie definitely has an “Ole’ Yeller” feel to it.

The only questionable part, to me, as far as memory goes and as far as a young child is concerned, is a moment towards the beginning when the story gets rolling and the robot begins to illustrate the “hairy effects” of puberty on a young person. This moment pushes the envelope without actually opening it; which is unfortunately something that most, if not all, major animated movie makers seem to enjoy doing. There are several other moments of “childish” humor, but nothing that’s really out of line. The movie is quite clean, even for animated movie standards of late.

In my opinion, on a scale of the famous five stars, “Big Hero 6” gets five out of five stars. If you haven’t seen it, take advantage of this kid targeted movie for some family time on the couch.

If you have seen the movie, share your thoughts about it with other readers.

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Hmmm, Exodus and Moses? Where could I read about that?

Maybe it goes without saying? Maybe not. I don’t know. Then again, maybe I do.

In a recent interview with Christian Bale (who plays Moses in the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” which is set to be released in December of 2014), that was conducted after an early viewing of the upcoming holiday film for the media, the actor was asked, to one extent or another, about his knowledge of the person he set out to portray on the big-screen. The answer was surprising, or maybe not. You decide. Here’s the given paragraph from the interview that describes what I’m talking about:

After the footage, Dave Karger of Fandango conducted a Q&A with Bale, who said his knowledge of Moses was minimal, so he read up extensively, studying everything from “Moses: A Life,” by Jonathan Kirsch, to the Koran. He described Moses as “A troubled and tumultuous man, very mercurial,” but said God is also mercurial, with “a God of good and evil,” with no mention of the devil or even the afterlife.

Let’s see. I’m playing in a movie called Exodus. And I’m playing a person called Moses. Now where would I go to read and learn about a situation and a person like that? Hmmm?

I suppose “everything” would include studying the biblical account, but then again there are people every day who go to every other source than the Bible itself to find out about biblical matters. I mean because come on, we wouldn’t want the scriptures to get in the way of the script would we?

I haven’t seen any previews, and I don’t plan on seeing the movie, but I’d say the “new version” of the ole’ Ten Commandments will fall in line with Hollywood’s version of the recent film “Noah” – more emphasis on entertainment and next to zero emphasis on education. Remember, there’s a world of difference between “biblically inspired” and biblically based.

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“God’s Not Dead”: A Movie Review from A.P.

On March 21, 2014, the movie God’s Not Dead was released in 780 theaters across the country. Since then, more than 1,000 other theaters began showing the film, which grossed over $41 million in less than one month-pretty good for a movie with a budget of only $2 million (God’s Not Dead, 2014a).

Read >>


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Online Petition You Can Sign

I received an email from yesterday asking me to sign an online petition to help prevent a movie from being made. The movie attempts to do what millions have done over the millenia – make a mockery of Jesus and everything his Gospel stands for. I may not agree about everything with those who have sent out the email, but I appreciate their efforts and I signed the petition.

Here’s what the petition says,

“I demand that “jesus of nazarth” be pulled from production.

This movie intends to declare that my Christian faith is useless and it blasphemes the precious name and actions of Jesus.

It’s offensive to my beliefs and religion and perpetuates the double standard that it’s o.k. to ridicule Christians.

This movie is a cruel deception targeting our children and grandchildren who are impressionable and love to go to movies.”

I have many more things to say on this topic, but I will stop here for my own sake. If you would like to learn more about this movie or you would like to sign the petition yourself then click the above link.

For those of you who preach and teach, either publicly or privately, get ready to help spread the truth if this movie makes it out because there will an abundance of error, hate, ridicule and blasphemy to counter.

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Just A Few More Random Thoughts

Here’s a question for you: Have you ever thought about what life would be like if sneezing was considered rude, but burping caused someone to say, “bless you”? Talk about a whole new spin on allergy season!

Have you seen the amazing news story about the man in New York who caught the 7-year-old girl who fell from her 3rd story apartment? Click here if not. Steven St. Bernard, a 52-year-old bus driver and father of four said he wasn’t a hero, that’s a sandwich. Another comment about Mr. St. Bernard that caught my attention was given by his young daughter. She said that her dad was able to catch the girl because he was used to carrying her around in his arms. I don’t know everything about the man, but the video and his daughter’s comment made me smile! 🙂

I cringe when I hear about Hollywood having anything to do with a “Bible based and themed” movie; and when I read about the latest project in the works from the same director of films such as “Black Swan” and “The Wrestler” my initial reaction was the same, and it probably will stay that way. The director has his sights set on Noah and the Great Flood. With a planned release date of 2014, it should give us plenty of time to have real Bible based lessons ready to give to those who may be interested in the real biblical account of Noah and the Flood after all the junk thinking that this movie will convince people of. With the leading role actor being Russell Crowe, I have no doubt that there will be plenty of confusion to help clear up. If you want to read a synopsis of the movie from Movie Guide, here you go!

Scripture quote of the day – “But the Lord shall endure forever; He has prepared His throne for judgment. He shall judge the world in righteousness, And He shall administer judgment for the peoples in uprightness. The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble.” (Psalm 9:7-9, NKJV)

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