Good First Impressions

If we will write, to bring people to Christ, we must always be aware of making a good first impression. We certainly do not want to turn people away from hearing the truth. I offer three ways that we can make that great impression, so people will receive the gospel message. I hope you find it beneficial. If you do, share it with someone else, please.

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Writer’s Block?

Do you ever Fear the Blank Page? On my blog, I offer you three ways that you can overcome the dreaded Writer’s Block and learn how you can turn your ideas into articles.

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Want to Become a Better Writer?

I have decided to refocus my Moving Word blog and use my energies to helping my readers become better writers. I will be offering tips, instruction and interviews, etc. I hope it will be a beneficial work. Please pray for this effort.

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Singing Psalms

I have a post on my blog addressing the idea that if we can sing Psalms, we can use instrumental music. Join the discussion to help the truth be taught.

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New Poll Question on Race

Poll Question – Will you vote on my blog, please? “Do you worship with a racially diverse congregation?”

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Preaching Today

Hello, hope you are having a blessed Lord’s Day! I preached this morning on John 8:34-36 and a lesson entitled, “Free From Bondage.” I am writing an article from it that will run on Tuesday. The outline will be on my blog later in the week.

Tonight, I am adapting a sermon by Steve Higginbotham entitled, Learning to Love Correction. It is a good and interesting lesson that will be a practical change of pace for your congregation, if you choose to use it in your work.

Wednesday night, we will finish Hebrews [hopefully] and do a quick two lesson study on Bible translations before moving to the Sermon on the Mount. Should be great.

God Bless all of you!

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End of Best Friends?

The New York Times claims that children must be kept from having Best Friends. My response.

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Marriage and Cohabitation

I have posted a new article on my blog entitled, Marriage and Cohabitation. It is filled with statistics on cohabitation and the superiority of marriage.

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Fathers, What is Your Legacy?

I have posted my PowerPoint Sermon on my blog. Father’s what can we learn from Hezekiah about how to build our legacy? And we find what are probably the most chilling words any earthly Father speaks in all of Scripture.

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Selective Grace

It is amazing how people are so confused about grace and doctrine. Read and comment, please.

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Poll Question on Clapping

I will try to have a Poll question on my blog on Fridays. This week’s question is: Does the congregation where you attend, clap during worship?

I hope you will go and answer the poll.

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Please Take My Poll

I have a poll on my blog: “Is it a violation of God’s will for a Christian to be cremated?” Please vote.

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Adultery Article and News

Hello, everyone. I hope you are well. I have several things to share today.

First of all, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I miss Randal being around.

Second, I have posted an In the News post on my blog. There are over two dozen links to stories on the bad economy and the federal deficit, abortion, homosexuality, how Democrats don’t want Obama to campaign for them, etc. The Senate is considering a bill where the U.N. will give your children the right and legal authority to disobey you or take you to court. This opens up a terrifying scenario.

Third, years ago, I wrote a manuscript in the Greer Lectures in Greer, South Carolina on the topic of,  Is Adultery Covenant Breaking? I have posted my lengthy, scholarly manuscript on this challenging and controversial subject. I hope you find it helpful.

Today, is one month since the situation with my legs began. I go to the doctor on Monday. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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The Preacher and Divorce

When a preacher gets a divorce, can he continue as the preacher? I am discussing this on my blog. Join me.

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Sermon Help

Do you want help with your sermons, lessons and articles? I am posting In the News items on my blog, so you can be better informed. I hope this will be a rich resource for your work. I do the work, so you don’t have too.

Today’s issue: Overweight girls more likely to have sex early, link between music & marijuana, Polls: Abortion is immoral but homosexuality is not, Sugar drinks affect blood pressure and much, much more.

Read  More

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