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In reading the Bible, it is obvious that several people had the same name, just as many people today bear the same name. A part of what is involved in understanding the Bible is being able to distinguish between the various individuals who had the same name. In our essay this week we will limit our discussion to some of the same names in the New Testament. We hope our readers will find it both interesting and informative. Continue reading

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What are the names? Ezra 5.4

“They also asked them, ‘What are the names of the men who are building this edifice?’”

Ezra 5.4

The regional governor wanted to stop the temple construction. They asked who authorized them to rebuild it and wanted their names, “in order to inform” King Darius, v. 10. The king’s reply (Ezra 6) must have shocked them.

The names of saints who are reviled by the world are written in the book of life. How are you building up the Lord’s church?

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Remember and call a person by his name

A person’s name is one of his most precious possessions. To call a person by his name, to remember his name after you have met him, shows that you value that person. Many will be impressed that you remember. They will see it as a sign that you care. O Soul, remember names as a first step into a person’s life. The respect you show others by doing this may allow you to know the person behind the name. This is true, of course, of God, and no less true of human beings.

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Definition of goals

If it’s any help, on my personal blog today is my definition of a goal. Working, tentative definition, I should say. But it might spur some thought. Look for it at the bottom, after the main topic of “The Use of Double Names Across Cultures,” where Saul/Paul gets mentioned, among others.

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