Prayer Writing Month is over, but not the prayers

We say thanks to the participants and encourage everyone to join in for still more prayers.

On the BPrayer site, we managed to post a prayer every single day during the month of November. Continue reading

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Join in this last week One week…

Join in this last week!

“One week remaining for NaPraWriMo” | Christian Forum!/practice:one-week-remaining-for-napr

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Prayers abounding

As far as I know, we have three sites participating in #NaPraWriMo — the National Prayer Writing Month. Rick Kelley, John Henson, and Michael Summers have joined me in this good effort. Not bad considering we thought of doing this on Oct. 31. Here are the links:

Anyone is welcome to join in at any point. Please use the tag above in your posts so people can find them in searches.

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Join us for a month of prayer

It begins today. A prayer a day for the month of November. Let’s join together. Here’s what we’re doing. And here’s what you can do. Continue reading

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Now here's an idea http forthrightpress com forum…

Now here’s an idea:!/practice:naprawrimo

Let’s start in November, shall we? See the link for some ideas. A shame we didn’t think of this earlier.

I thought about December, but that’s a bad time of year. So you have today to get ready.

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