To Him who Knows to Do Good

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

Jas 4.13-17

To neglect the spiritual mind is the greatest waste,
To hurry past the Cross, a horrible haste,
To forget the soul, what lapse of memory!
To ignore a pressing need, what failure to see!
And plans that leave out God, what use are they,
When lifts life’s passing mist that was here today?
To omit the word of life is cruel silence,
Undone the loving deed is harmful violence.
‘Tis sin — the same as doing the evil plot —
To him who knows to do good and does it not.

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The Worst You Could Do

What’s the worst thing you could do to a person?

I recently heard a good friend speak on the topic of evangelism and he asked this question.

That’s a hard question for a Christian to consider, since it runs counter to our very purpose in life.

Like me, a number of things probably crossed your mind such as, “Take away a man’s family.” Or perhaps it was this: “Take the life of a man when you know that he isn’t ready for eternity.” That latter one certainly warrants some serious consideration.

However, Lonnie concluded with — and made his point with — the one that I would have settled on. The worst thing that you could possibly do to an individual would be to know that they do not know Jesus Christ—and you fail to share the gospel with them! Without a doubt, this would be at the very top of my personal list.

There’s an old and powerful hymn that we sing on occasion, the title of which is “You Never Mentioned Him To Me.”

I hope that you maintain a list of prospects — people whom you know who need to be taught the truth. If you don’t do so, I encourage to you take up this practice.

Once you have that list made, then I want you to do something: take that list and indicate, to yourself, how many of them you have contacted. Are there some who can say, “You never mentioned Him to me?”

If so, won’t you fix this situation today by talking to them?

–by Marty Knight, in the Feb. 2011 edition of “Evangelistically Speaking (adapted slightly).”

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