Moshers’ permanent residency approved in NZ

From Lance, Kristen, and Silas Mosher, received Oct 12: We just heard from Immigration New Zealand, and our residency has been approved. To save you from all of the details, this basically means we can live and work in New Zealand for as long as we would like, with a few conditions. Continue reading

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Defunct Fast Food Place

On my two trips to New Zealand in the mid-1990’s there was a restaurant there that I loved visiting. It was called Georgie Pie and they served minced meat pies. They were amazing!  Sadly, they went out of business. Yet, I still remember them fondly the few times I was able to eat there.  Memories.

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Vacation Time

We go every December to visit family but that is almost constant activity and over 1,000 miles of driving. It is a great joy to see our families and we cherish the moments, but you don’t get to rest the way your body needs.

Deirdre and I wait until the girls are at camp and go stay in a cabin in Georgia and rest and fish all week. It is extraordinary and we whine about having to go back home, it is so wonderful. By the way, the cabin has wifi — I don’t know why I can’t be online during vacation. 🙂

Someday, when we have an empty nest, we want to do some traveling. I want to go back and do a more thorough job of visiting St.  Augustine and we dream of a Civil War battlefield trip up the eastern seaboard. And then there is the Grand Canyon and New England….

Maybe, maybe.

Of course, if we had several large stacks of cash, we would like to go to Ireland and Italy. Deirdre also wants me to take her to New Zealand, since she has heard me talk about it so much.

BTW, why do spell checkers always tell you that Zealand is misspelled? Haven’t they established themselves as a country, yet???

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Preaching News

Our VBS begins tomorrow. We are using the Lambert system. They have five lessons and we have four nights. So, I preach the adult lesson that will not be covered on the Sunday morning prior to the beginning of VBS. This year it was Honesty.

I have joined SlideShare and I am adding PowerPoint sermons to my blog. I hope you find them edifying.

Tonight, we have a rare treat. Todd O’ Donnell, missionary in New Zealand, is visiting American congregations that have supported him in his work. He and his family will be here tonight. I have known Todd’s brother and sister-in-law for seventeen years and I have met his parents. It will be a joy to finally meet Todd and his family. I’m excited about tonight.

Praying for Randal’s safe return home.

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I have flown a good bit, two round trips to New Zealand took care of that. However, it has been awhile since I was on a plane. However, I thought I would share a story with you. If I’ve told this here, I apologize. We were flying back from New Zealand and we were leaving Chicago, flying back to Memphis. The pilot comes on and says, “We have been having problems with our fuel pump. But I think we can make it.” Think!?!

Flying is fun. I like visiting different airports. It is like the thrill of going to  states that you’ve not visited.

BTW, the Apostle Paul would have been dangerous with a plane at his disposal.

[Why doesn’t spell check recognize Zealand? Do they hate the All Blacks? :)]

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Short-Term Missions

When I was an undergraduate at the Christian Student Center on the campus of the University of North Alabama, I went on a mission trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and two to Kittanning, Pennsylvania and one to Altoona, Pennsylvania. When I was in graduate school at Freed-Hardeman University, I went twice to New Zealand. I consider all of these memories to be treasures.

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My favorite nature spot is New Zealand. …

My favorite nature spot is New Zealand. It is the most beautiful place on earth.

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