Order in the…In-box?

Does the command “Let all things be done decently and in order” (1 Corinthians 14:40) apply to our email in-boxes?

I won’t even ask about the preacher’s desk!

A merry heart does good, like medicine,…” (Proverbs 17:22)

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Jesus feeds the 5000

The text for our Joshua Generation study today is Matt. 14:13-33. Its companion texts are Mark 6:32-52, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:5-21. I hope that you will take the time to read all four accounts. There are so many lessons to be gained from the events surrounding the miraculous feeding of the five thousand that I cannot know them all. I would like to look at a few touching our characteristic of cooperation and also a few extra. When God sees fit to include an event in all four accounts of the work of Jesus’ life, that event is surely worth considering deeply.

Jesus had gone by boat to a desert place after hearing about the death of John the Baptist (Mt. 5:12-13; Mk. 6:29-30). Perhaps, it was to grieve and pray himself, but also to give the disciples (who had been disciples of John also) a rest from the constant work and crowds (Mk. 6:31). But a great multitude followed him by traveling around the lake on foot. When he saw them, his compassion for them moved him to spend the day teaching and healing (Mt. 14:14; Mk. 6:34). When the evening came, neither the disciples nor the multitude had eaten. This circumstantial fast occasioned the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000. It was after this miracle that Jesus knew the people wanted to make him king (Jn. 6:15). These events along with his subsequent ‘walking on the water’ became a pivotal point in the thinking of the disciples that led to the confession “Of a truth, thou art the son of God” (Mt. 14:33) Let’s consider some lessons.

  • Cooperation requires leadership. Leadership provides focus and goals. The goal in this case was feeding the people.The disciples cooperated with Jesus because he was their leader. People follow leaders they believe in, even if they have doubt about the plan as these disciples did. One of the great omissions among God’s people is the growing and training of leaders. Congregations are dying because of lack of leadership. When we find ourselves diminishing in a community that is populating, it is usually a leadership problem. We need leadership if we are to cooperate with each other and with God.
  • Cooperation requires leadership to have, not only a goal, but a plan. It is not sufficient to say, Let’s grow, or, let’s increase our attendance, or, let’s convert 30 people this year. There must be a plan. Even the disciples knew a plan for feeding the 5000 was needed, if nothing more than sending the people into the surrounding cities to get food. Jesus had a plan.
  • Cooperation requires organization. Even two men handling one of the old two man saws to cut a tree needed organization. They could not both pull at the same time or the tree would never be cut. Jesus gave the disciples the responsibility to sit the 5000 down in groups of 50 which they did and put two groups in proximity to one another for groups of 100. If people do not know what to do to help a particular project, they cannot cooperate. It takes a plan that coordinates the ability and energy of each member of the group.
  • Cooperation requires division of labor. Not everyone can do everything. Not everyone can do the same thing. Once a goal is conceived and a plan is devised, people (our most important resource) must be fitted into the plan. Jesus used the disciples as organizers and servers. No doubt, others helped within the fifties to pass the food and keep order.

If we can learn these points alone of points, we will be far ahead in carrying out God’s will. Together we are more.

Mike Glenn

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Organization? As I see it, this is my we…

As I see it, this is my weakest area. I have never been good at organizing. It is not that I haven’t tried. I’ve tried several methods but never seem able to keep them up to date for long. So I depend on others – wife, secretary, friends; and hope for the best. I have a preacher friend who organizes his whole year, plans out what he is to preach months in advance, etc. I don’t think he could be satisfied otherwise. Kudos. ‘m jusat not put together that way. Someone gave me a really nice new organizer for 2011. I think it is really neat, leather look, sleek, all of that – but if the present is anything like the past, it will look pretty much like it does now in 2012.


Getting organized

I like Outlook 2010 as a way to organize appointments, contacts, email, to-do lists, all the little things that some times get left behind. I use it as my primary email program and its counterpart is running on my phone and is synced about once per day.

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Daily Nudge: Self-organization — and news

How do you organize yourself? Do you have a prioritized to-do list on a 4×6 card? Or use Stephen Covey’s weekly agenda? Or go the way of GTD? Or keep it all in your head? How do you know what to do when? Share with us the details of your self-organization plan.

And now that it’s Nov. 1st, is this the plan you’ll keep for 2011? After all, the new year is closing fast.

About 180 women descended on the Christian camp on the other side of Sao Paulo this past weekend for the annual national ladies’ retreat, my two among them, and several more from our area.

What news have you of the saints and churches?

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Men, location, bureaucracy

I used not to know how to spell bureaucracy. Now we have to deal with it so much, I can spell it in my sleep. As I mentioned on the Facebook group (in English yet) of the church here in São José dos Campos, the men started meeting again today on Saturdays, once monthly, rather than short bursts of after-church decisions. Good move.

We’re looking out again for a place to meet. (The decision was not to rent the building next to my office.) That’s a recurring item for us that takes out time, but probably not as much as keeping a building up to standards. I keep telling the folk here we’re the moving church, in more ways than one. Finding a place for the church to meet is something most of you in the U.S. don’t have to worry about.

And the other hot topic was making sure our accountant is keeping the books up to date and not cooking them. Just making sure that all is neat and tidy before the law, not only with finances, but papers as well, is a major hassle. I like our situation at Taubate where we’re not yet a formally constituted group. For me let’s do it all in the homes and stay that way. Lots easier to work with, and all the money goes to the real mission of the church and the care for the saints. But I digress.

These two, location and bureaucracy, were the urgent items, and I hope next month we can talk about the real Urgency, that of saving souls.

I mustn’t complain about our good start. I pray we’ll work through the outstanding items.

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