Printable Flyer for the upcoming Apologetics Press Debate

Here’s a link to a PDF flyer (seen below) that can be printed off for the April 4th debate between Kyle Butt and Bart Ehrman.

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Future Debate Over Present Day and Past Disasters

Before the terrible tornadoes (of this year) took place in Oklahoma I received a news letter from Apologetics Press that announced plans for a future debate between brother Kyle Butt of Apologetics Press and Professor Bart Ehrman who is an author and a self-proclaimed “agnostic” when it comes to the belief of the Christian God. Accordingly, the topic will revolve around the existence of pain and suffering and the existence of God and the compatibility or incompatibility of the two. Please keep brother Kyle and the efforts of Apologetics Press in your prayers.

Also, as I have said in the past, I would encourage those who have a desire to help with the relief effort in Oklahoma but no good means of doing so to keep The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief in mind. We support this effort at Keltonburg and I know that an untold number of lives have been physically and emotionally affected for the better as well as spiritually due to the many souls brought to Jesus through the help of this program and its efforts.

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Brief sermon outline preached in Sullivan IL yesterday:

When tragedy hits a community like the one in Aurora, Colorado, we wonder WHY. Our tragedies are small in comparison with the tragedies faced by others in the varied parts of the world; but though they are small (in comparison) they are just as hard hitting as anything else faced by others. How does one address it?

Psalm 38 is a psalm that speaks to the hard-hitting anguish of life’s experiences. Consider it as we consider:

I. WHY? (Why does such evil occur, and where is God when it does occur?)
II. WHERE? (Where is man’s safety?)
III. WHEN? (When will man know?)

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