January 2018 Issue of Christian Worker (Growing Spiritually in the New Year)

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Here are the topics you will find:

  • Books to Maximize Spiritual Growth (Mike Vestal)
  • Suggestions for Studying the Bible this Year (Cody Westbrook)
  • Six Tools to Improve Your Prayer Life (Andy Baker)
  • How to Excel in Personal Evangelism (Rob Whitacre)
  • Helping Your Children Grow Spiritually (Glen Colley)
  • How to Strengthen Your Marriage This Year (John Moore)

Christian Worker is an edification effort of the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

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Online personal evangelism course

On his website Ron Boatwright offers a short course on how to evangelize. It’s always worth one’s while to think more on how to better bring others to Christ.

I was reminded of this effort after a brother asked about resources in the brotherhood about personal evangelism. He has an idea for one also—pray it comes to fruition.

Perhaps you may have good suggestions for more material, courses, or resources to help others become personal evangelists. (The Bible calls them Christians.)

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Anyone who tries to teach another person the…

Anyone who tries to teach another person the gospel is a successful personal evangelist. Anyone who does their best to get a fellow human being to accept God’s word and obey it is a success in God’s eyes. “Stephen, do you mean that even if I don’t convert anyone, but if I’m out sowing the seed, then I’m successful?” That’s right. We don’t measure success in evangelism by the number of conversions (or at least we shouldn’t). We can’t make anyone respond to the plan of salvation, but we must give them the opportunity to obey it. Yes, we want them to obey since that is the desired result, but we are successful if we faithfully teach the word to others in an effort to get them to respond to it. Don’t ever forget that!

Stephen Bradd, http://audioevangelism.com/dlybrd/transcripts/DB_2009_08_07_text.htm#

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Sunday night simmerings

• Tonight at Taubaté Humberto preached on why we don’t follow the Old Testament as the church’s guide. Good job he did. We need sermons like his to help us make the proper distinctions for “teaching the message of truth accurately” (2 Tim 2.15 NET).

• Sent tonight from my personal Twitter account: Political pundits say personnel is policy. It’s true of the church too. Fellowship with false teachers sets church policy to approve error.

• Does your Sunday Bible school have good participation? Do people study ahead of time? Or is it one-man-talking? Anybody have good suggestions for helping people prepare ahead of time and for helping teachers to encourage enlightened participation?

• Also, does your congregation have an approach to evangelism that everyone is able to participate in? If so, please describe it. We’re always looking for good ideas. If not, why not?

• Truth is not “interesting,” as if it were another nifty or cool idea to entertain, until the next one comes along. Rather, truth is the reality of what is, the record of what was, the promise of what is to come. Only by embracing truth in its fullness, may we become free.

• The first part of an alarm clock to wear out is the snooze button.

• I’ve mentioned it somewhere before, but Brazilians have a saying roughly equivalent to our “A word to the wise is sufficient.” My somewhat literal translation: “For the one who understands, half a word is enough.” My paraphrase: “For the one who gets it, half a word does it.” Would that I could be so in relation to the word of God!

Help me to understand what your precepts mean! Then I can meditate on your marvelous teachings. Psalm 119.27 NET

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A dad’s influence, personal evangelism, devotionals

• How many are going to make a visit to dad on Father’s Day? I think I read somewhere that the person most influential in a child’s development is the dad, more so than the mother. What do you think of that? Think it’s true?

• Ron Boatwright has some interesting material on personal evangelism, as well as a three-lesson personal study in PDF format. I don’t know Ron, but I assume he’s on the straight and narrow. What I’ve read on his site so far is good. We can always use more help and resources on personal evangelism, doncha think?

• Speaking of personal evangelism, Clayton Pepper was a great evangelist among us. New Zealander Dave Hart posted an article of his recently, “Five Principles of NT Evangelism” in his Notes on Facebook. Many important points to ponder. Brother Clayton knew how to motivate.

• My devotional today is a strong one, on reputation vs. obedience, perhaps more so than normal. Over on GoSpeak, I explain why. Expect reaction. I note on the latter site that I’ve been doing these since 1999, albeit not always daily. Don’t know how Don R. does it, twice a day.

• Once more on fathers: Eli must not have been a good father. “The sons of Eli were wicked men. They did not recognize the Lord’s authority” (1 Samuel 2:12 NET). The man of God sent to speak to him laid the fault at Eli’s feet (vv. 27-36). He apparently just wagged his finger at his sons and nothing more (vv. 22-25). Because one is a religious man does not mean he will be a good father, which involves discipline — making the children behave. Then they will respect the Lord’s authority. So we thank God for those fathers who are not permissive but require obedience of their children.

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