Snowy Pictures

Here’s a couple of pictures from the snow we’ve been getting today. One’s a red bird looking for a wind-break and the other is our backyard. Both were gladly taken from inside!

Backyard 2016 Red Bird 2016

All in all we got a smidgen past 3″. Town, which is only 10-15 miles North of us, got at least 5 or 6″. It’s still flurrying out (the small powdery stuff) with a bitter wind. Time for the hot-chocolate.

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Smile, Smile, Smile and Smile for the Camera

Sometimes kids try to pass along a message in their own way…I guess my daughter wants me to smile more. Hey, better here than on the couch!

Smile for the Camera

No doubt about it: children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a divine reward.” (Psalm 127:3-CEB)

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Photos: preaching trip, Taubaté Christians

The photos are from last Sunday and today. Click to see them in larger size.

Pimentas church

Partial view of Pimentas congregation where we went Sunday, Jan. 29, where I preached and taught on “How to Be Happy.” The Maiden and The Missus are singing in the foreground.

Yours Truly speaking to the Pimentas congregation.

Randal preaching

Y.T. preaching in the Pimentas congregation.

Taubaté church

Some of the Christians of the Taubaté congregation that we work with on Sunday afternoons.

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Ditto Christmas Decoration

I’m with the ditto guy.


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I just added some photos that someone to…

I just added some photos that someone took of our time at the Christian Service Training School last week, if you’re interested:

UPDATE: Sorry, that was the wrong link. Here it is:

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Cross Roads church building circa 1832

I saw this photo from a link in our Google feed in the right column. Wondered if anybody might know anything about the church that met (meets?) there.

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New header picture by Don

Please thank Don Ruhl @rdruhl for the panoramic picture of Lake Selmac. He may have some geographical and technical information he’d like to share about the picture, and that would be very interesting. But with little or much information, we’ll enjoy the picture for a while now.

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Fellows at FHU

In case you don’t recognize them, here are Richard Mansel and Ron Thomas at the Forthright Press book exhibit. Barbara must be taking the photo.

On the Forthright Press site, more pics, of Barbara with Stan Mitchell, a Forthright Magazine columnist, and with Ron.

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