When did my moment of mortality come? Wh…

When did my moment of mortality come? While driving a laundry truck many years ago, I stopped at an intersection waiting for the red light to change. When it changed to green, I started to put my foot down on the accelerator, but something in my mind told me to put on the brake instead. I’m thankful that I did, because an 18 wheeler came across that intersection going about 65-70 mph, running the red light. Had I been in the intersection, I would have been killed instantaneously. After carefully looking both to the left and to the right, then safely going through the intersection, I pulled over and stopped in order to calm my nerves down. I then thanked the Lord for saving my life. Guess He had some future plans for me.

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A Project to Finish in March

For the past several months I have been posting lessons on two blog site from Gal. 5:18-21, “The Spirit and the Flesh. I should finish that series by the end of the month. Now, before then I am going to have to decided on what’s next. I have several directions in mind, just choosing one is what I have to decide.

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Lesson from Haiti

This is another reason to thank God that we live in a wealthy nation where there are standards for how buildings should be constructed. In Haiti they build buildings without a plan or a pattern. As a result, they fall when pressure is applied. Far too many lives are like that, as well. It is all tragic.

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Since we have been studying the book of …

Since we have been studying the book of Joshua on Wednesday nights, I’m amazed at the great detail in God’s plan of allocating the parcels of land to the various tribes. Not only is God the God of order, but the God of great detail as well.

When God lays out a pattern or plan, there’s no wondering about it – God lays it out in great detail, and then expects us to carry it out with the same detail.

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