The return of ‘Water in the plan’

Yesterday, someone discovered the post on my personal website, from 2011, which shared a link of a podcast by the name “Water in the plan.” I was a guest on Kyle Massengale’s “iQuest” program, and that was the title for the subject of the day. We spent about an hour talking mostly about baptism in all its rich and varied teaching.

Since yesterday the post has received over 50 hits. On my site that’s a significant number for such an old post. So somewhere on the internet, the link was undoubtedly shared, with lemmings falling over the podcast cliff. I thank whoever it was. Continue reading

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Looking for some Christian oriented pod-casts? Check out the Light Network.

A couple of years ago (give or take a couple of months) I mentioned The Light Network and some of their pod-cast shows that are freely available for download to those of you who enjoy listening to a pod-cast from time-to-time. Since then, the number of topics that are covered on a regular basis have increased considerably. They still have most of the original shows that release a new episode every week, but in addition to the originals they have added new pod-casts, some of which release an episode multiple times a week, that cover everything from general Christian issues to specific issues for men, for women, and for parents, along with others that deal with the nature of the New Testament church and even a pod-cast called “The Lovable Little Bus.”

I must confess that I haven’t listened to an episode from every pod-cast that’s available from The Light Network, but with some rather strong assuredness that has come from listening to several episodes from multiple pod-casts I don’t really hesitate to suggest any of them to their targeted audiences.

If you haven’t checked out The Light Network yet, I encourage you to do so.

Here’s an example of some of the pod-casts that are available (but if you would like to see the full list of shows just click here to visit the “shows” section of their web-site):

Arrows in Our Hand: Parenting with a Purpose is a podcast designed to encourage parents as they guide their children to Heaven. Although the world does not view children in this way, Psalm 127 says that children are a blessing from the Lord, as arrows in the hand of a mighty man. Wesley & Denise bring two episodes a month to help remind godly parents of their children’s worth & how to help guide them to Heaven. Click here for current episodes of Arrows in Our Hand: Parenting with a Purpose.

Biblical Manliness: Exploring the Biblical Definition of Manhood with Chris Clevenger – “Courage, Strength and sexual potency?!?” That is how the world typically defines manliness. The modern male is represented as a man-child interested only in his personal gratification. In the Bible, God presents the prototypical man: Jesus the Christ. Join Chris as he digs into the Word of God to answer the question, “What is Biblical manliness?” Click here for current episodes of Biblical Manliness.

The Book Club is a show dedicated to reviewing and recommending various religious books that will aid one in his or her studies of God’s Word.  Cutting edge, contemporary, and classics will all be examined.  The books covered will range from apologetics and study helps to commentaries and relationship development books and everything in between!  While it is true that the Bible is the perfect standard, it is also amazing to see just how many books have been written about God’s book!  Please join me as we consider many books written about the one Book! Click here for current episodes of The Book Club.

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Looking for feedback with possible new Podcast from Jared Jackson

Jared Jackson, of the Christian Courier, is considering putting together a new podcast but first he’s “checking out the water” with a survey to see how much interest there is.

I’m sure he would appreciate any and all feedback that might be found here in TFR.

You can take the quick survey, if you like, by clicking here.


P.S. You don’t necessarily have to equipment like an iPhone to get a podcast. Many times your home computer with a media player will work.

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Stay tuned: Forthright podcast today

We’re talking around a bit, and possibly may put together a LIVE podcast on the Aurora, Colo., shooting, through the talkshoe website. Stick around as we put it together. We’ll talk about such shootings described as “tragedies,” how people try to use such moments, and what we should learn from it.

UPDATE: Neal Pollard of the Bear Valley church in Denver has confirmed he’ll be our guest.

UPDATE 2: TFR Fellow Ron Thomas will also join us as a guest host.

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Guest on iQuest podcast, about baptism

8 p.m. tonight EDT, on baptism, on Madison AL podcast, iQuest.

UPDATE: The podcast is archived and can be heard any time, if you’re still interested in it.

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Lord willing, I’ll be a part of this ne…

Lord willing, I’ll be a part of this network, doing a podcast on missions:

Dale Jenkins and Caleb Ohara made the big announcement tonight about the launch of the network.

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