Speak, Speak, Then Speak Again

By J. Randal Matheny

Fair topic of talk is today’s weather,
The rain, tornadoes, cold and heat,
And, mostly for men, in sports whether
This team or that will win the meet.

Then comes chat about dramas and series,
Movies, actors, and famous folk,
Jobs, economy, political theories,
Cars and clothes, the inevitable joke.

But talk of hope and life beyond
The grave? The spirit’s deepest need?
Of faith and works, and how to respond
To Jesus Christ with urgent speed? Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to all

A merry Christmas to all our friends,
Who think of Jesus in a manger.
Let us therefore make amends,
Prepare for him to come again.

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Ready We Stand

Lord Jesus, Light of all the world:
John told the people to prepare,
The apostles preached the urgent word:
The Kingdom is near, and in the air
You come to take your people home.
Ready we stand to hear your welcome.

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The Gods of Man

A quatrain for you, this fine sunny day.

The gods of man are tyrants,
Who act by whim and caprice,
For standing behind the idols
Are human will and vice.

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A poem called “If”

When I say I’m not the poetry type I’m not saying I don’t like poems … I’m saying I don’t like all types of poems. It’s all the rules that turn me off. When I write I just like to write, but I will happily confess that poetry, at times, is one of the highest forms of communicating man’s language and thoughts.

I recently heard a poem “written by a father for his son” titled “If”. The actual author is Rudyard Kipling.

Hearing the poem caused me to look it up so I could read over the words, many of which contain strong biblical principles. I thought it was worth sharing because I know at least one guy around here who appreciates “good” poetry from time to time.

For in Him we live, and move, and have our being; as also certain of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’” (Acts 17:28)

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Hugh’s News & Views (A Famine Of The Word)


I am indebted to brother James E. Farley of Louisa, Kentucky for the following poem which he has given me permission to use. It is an appropriate sequel to last week’s edition of “Hugh’s News & Views” titled “A Christian, But Not A Member Of The Church Of Christ?”


By James E. Farley

I love to read the Word of God,

To learn of Truth and Right,

To meditate upon His law,

By day and then by night.

(Psalm 1:2) Continue reading

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What Works and Wonders

A little quatrain of mine that you might enjoy: Continue reading

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Why Bother?

For a brother in Christ I bother,
With love for the family of faith;
We care for one another,
Walking the narrow path.

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Words, Words, Words

By Jamie Suiter

Oh the words we say
From day to day
As we travel on life’s way
Words that are good
Words that are bad
Words that made someone sad
Words that lift and inspire
Those lift us up and take us higher
On wings of eagles we can we soar
Oh how of these words need we more
Words that bring others down and low
Oh how these words need to go
As your words built a story of your day
Did they encourage any one on their way?
Oh how our words are such a powerful thing
Be careful how you use them
They can have a lasting sting!

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs 16:24

Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4

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This little piece to encourage especially those who aren’t morning people.

Mornings call to life and new beginnings,
Awakens in the heart those tenderest feelings;
Words fly up to God in gratitude,
The early hour sets the day’s whole mood.

J. Randal Matheny

#poetry #morning #gratitude

Happy Black

The happy black of balanced books
Becomes the dark of crazed consumers,
The somber tone of untamed desire,
The rabid face of the race for Mammon.

#poetry #BlackFriday

He Holds the Key

This little item popped out during my journaling time today. You might find a tune for it.

In Christ is all my satisfaction,
To joy he holds the key;
He knows my heart’s true direction,
He knows and cares for me.

#poetry #joy #Christ

Divine Gift

Divine gift, blessed fire of light and heat,
That pillar to lead and shield, with God nearby —
Maker of peace where Lord and people meet —
Idolatrous altar where sons pass through and die.

#poetry #fire

A Song of Joy from Jesus’ Sowers

Faith and footwork for the Lord,
Contented smiles to take the News,
Fervent prayers for family growth,
For added workers in the field.

A tropical sun to try the wavering,
Jeers and rocks from passersby,
A song of joy from Jesus’ sowers,
With seeds of hope for heaven’s folk.

Amazed disciples mind their brethren,
Fraternal love to teach and learn
The gifts of life, the gates of glory —
Here reigns our God, the rousing Father.

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Like the Lord

I think this was written sometime around my birthday, last week. It appears not to have been posted anywhere, so here it is for the appreciation of those who love the art of poetry.

With love in the heart, we’re like the Lord:
His patience working powerfully in us,
His faith is ours, in the fullness of God,
His tender touch our gentle tool—
This Man of men, bringer of mercy.

#poetry #love #discipleship