Is God Racist?

A certain segment of the American population has succeeded in perpetrating the notion of “political correctness” (PC) across a broad base of society. This ideology has infiltrated politics, education, and religion. While touted as a manifestation of “compassion” and “respect” for those with whom one disagrees, the fact is that PC seeks to silence any expression of disagreement that is not in line with its covert agenda.     Read >>

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2-18-2016 War And The Fear Of God

The Israelites divided into Northern and Southern Kingdoms, Jehoshaphat king of Southern Judah, attempted political correctness, by trying to get along with everyone. Jehu, God’s prophet, said, “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD? Therefore the wrath of the LORD is upon you” (2 Chronicles 19:2 NKJV). However, because Jehoshaphat obeyed the LORD in other matters, God helped him in a war. “And Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem bowed before the LORD, worshiping the LORD” (2 Chronicles 20:18 NKJV). “And the fear of God was on all the kingdoms of those countries when they heard that the LORD had fought against the enemies of Israel” (2 Chronicles 20:29 NKJV). A nation stays in war because it has not put “the fear of God” in its enemies.

This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

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6-11-2015 Are You Double-Hearted?

David said: “Help, LORD, for the godly man ceases! For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men. They speak idly everyone with his neighbor; With flattering lips and a double heart they speak” (Psalm 12:1-2 NKJV). In this day of “political correctness,” right-words are shouted down and right-actions are condemned. The “godly” and “faithful” may resort to idle speech and flattery “with his neighbor,” hiding within his heart the knowledge of what’s right and the fact he is wrong. This “double heart” is one of sin, guilt, and misery. Christians should pray: “Do not take me away with the wicked And with the workers of iniquity, Who speak peace to their neighbors, But evil is in their hearts” (Psalm 28:3 NKJV). “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so” (Psalm 107:2 NKJV).

This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

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(#149) The Proverbs of Solomon 20:26-True Political Correctness

Since God Created humans, only God can provide specific understanding of human behavior. God gave Solomon Divine Wisdom (1 Kings Chapters 3 and 10) to explain what and why behavior is as it is, and Proverbs 10:1-24:34 are randomly written, as if they were Solomon’s judgments about individual cases brought to him, or simply God-given explanations about life. New Testament passages may help see the continuation of Wisdom offered through Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 20:26: “A wise king sifts out the wicked, And brings the threshing wheel over them.”

God sets the standard for what is “wicked” (Exodus 23:7; Proverbs 6:12-19), and this judgment is His. “The LORD tests the righteous, But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. Upon the wicked He will rain coals; Fire and brimstone and a burning wind Shall be the portion of their cup” (Psalm 11:5-6).

Another proverb also states this formula: “Take away the dross from silver, And it will go to the silversmith for jewelry. Take away the wicked from before the king, And his throne will be established in righteousness” (Proverbs 25:4-5). These proverbs call for a government purge of evil. What has happened is the government has been purged of good! Political Correctness (“P.C.”) has lowered good morals to the level of evil, as Paul warned Christians: “Do not be deceived: ‘Evil company corrupts good habits’” (1 Corinthians 15:33). “P.C.” is being used to silence the Truth of God and the righteous. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them” (Romans 1:18-19). Only the unrighteous would “suppress the truth in unrighteousness,” and when this is done by those in government, it is called “political correctness” by them, “censorship” by their citizens, but brings down “the wrath of God” upon them!

True “political correctness” is for government leaders to realize it is “an abomination for kings to commit wickedness” (Proverbs 16:12), and a king should scatter “all evil with his eyes” (Proverbs 20:8). Every president, king, queen, prime minister, or other leading representative of government that overlooks and allows the wicked to have influence in government is not wise and is wicked!

A main job of a God-ordained government leader, is to be “not a terror to good works, but to evil” because “he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil” (Romans 13:1-4). Since “there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God,” then citizen’s obedience is required (Romans 13:1). However, when the wicked rule, the people pay. Other proverbs state this plainly: “Like a roaring lion and a charging bear Is a wicked ruler over poor people” (Proverbs 28:15); “If a ruler pays attention to lies, All his servants become wicked” (Proverbs 29:12).

When people keep voting for “the lesser of two evils,” they have supported the wicked who rule! Citizens who should have a say in their government, but accept the wicked in government, deserve what they get! The outcries of the Israelites let God know they were ready for deliverance: “Now it happened in the process of time that the king of Egypt died. Then the children of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry came up to God because of the bondage. So God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God acknowledged them” (Exodus 2:23-25). A word to the wise is sufficient.

All Scriptures and comments are based upon the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted.

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Duck Dynasty and Me

I am forced to admit that some things get me “riled up.” So, I hope someone can set me straight. One of our brethren, the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty,” has been fired from the show. Why? Because, when asked on a TV talk show about homosexuality, he quoted Scripture to show that God did not approve of the practice.
Now, my question is this: Why is it so wrong and politically incorrect to publically defend your faith and the Bible if you are a Christian? On the converse, it is not politically incorrect to make fun of Christians and their beliefs. It is not politically incorrect to make fun of the Bible and regard it as full of myths. The TV show currently showing about “The Truth about the Bible” makes numerous Scriptural and doctrinal errors, but that is not politically incorrect. Yet, one negative word about the Koran or about sin, and we are tarred as “ignorant hate-mongers.”
I guess my stance is this: If Duck Dynasty can risk national prestige and a very lucrative job to stand for Jesus in a public forum, how dare I not take a similar stand in my own small world?

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“Funny” Quote

One of the quotes that I will remember from our revival this week with Larry Acuff said something to the effect of:

Political correctness wants a woman everywhere except in a marriage to a man.

So true. So sad.

The very culture that’s promising to make a woman more than she’s ever been is taking more than what’s ever been taken! That’s because the world promises what it can’t deliver, but God will deliver whatever His word promises.

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Never has the devil been so successful than…

Never has the devil been so successful than he is in this modern age. Man is convinced that he has progressed beyond the Rock of Ages and has thrown the inspired principles of morality to the flames of political correctness. The Ten Commandments are not even recommendations today and things formerly holy are trampled underfoot as profane. Marriage is no longer the sacred union of a man and woman; but is redefined to accommodate the corrupt and perverse. But the Almighty once declared to Job that there are boundaries and limits. God said, “Thus far you shall come and no further.” The sun is setting on these times and judgment peers from around the corner. Let it be shouted to a unhearing throngs, the fierceness of God’s wrath is not weakened or abated, but stands ready to strike. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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