1st semester accomplishments are: 1) Wro…

1st semester accomplishments are:

1) Posted 248 Bible study articles to my blog (wrote most of them).
2) Presented 13 Bible-based sermons before the Montana St. congregation.
3) Presented 23 Bible study lessons before the Montana St. adult Bible class.
4) From Jan – June, 2010, I’ve had 13,295 folks from 128 countries hit on my blog site. There were 61,543 page views during this period. Of these visitors, 67 percent were new visitors to my blog.
5) Presented 6 Bible-based lessons to the residents of our local Veterans Home.

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Here Is Our Efficient? Government In Action

Conservative syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin has posted a received e-mail from a US census worker. This is how our government is a government of waste and inefficiency:


Additionally, I can personally attest to the inefficiency and waste of our local school district here in El Paso. It’s a sad state of affairs, to say the least. In my view, term limitations are in order for all elected officials.

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