Immerse yourself: 1 Timothy 4.15 VOTD

“Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.”

1 Timothy 4.15 ESV

“These things” refer to Timothy’s work as an evangelist. The second phrase is literally, “be in them.” Timothy doesn’t seek to impress others as his motivation, but he is to influence others by his example.

How can we be totally immersed in serving God? How does one shine one’s light without wanting to be seen by others as a personal motivation?

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Be a doer, not a talker

Tremendous article on doing what you want and should. I read it once, going for second time. I don’t know anything about the site other than this article that I read, but I’ll risk recommending it to you. Obviously, one needs to fit this into the spiriitual motivation and will of God, but it’s very pratical.

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