Would appreciate a prayer or two

I would appreciate a prayer or two of protection and success for the efforts that will be made today, and tomorrow, in my hometown by the church. This will be the 3rd year for our booth at the local music and craft festival. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we’ll be given a chance to sow some seed, or an opportunity to add a little water of the spiritual sorts to it, because, if the weather permits, there will be thousands of people there who have never actually heard, or maybe learned better fits, anything substantial about Jesus and his gospel.

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Pray for Mike Landon

Just got word that Michael Landon is in ICU at Yale hospital. He had two heart attacks, and his kidneys have shut down. The family is flying to be with him. Mike is my age. He works with the Groton CT congregation. He and his family worked in São Paulo for several years back in the 80s/90s. Information thanks to Paul Goddard who talked to the Landons’ daughter by phone.

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Your prayers would be most welcome for my…

Your prayers would be most welcome for my wife’s uncle, who was air-lifted to Memphis after a car accident on Wednesday, and for her as well. Details here:



Thank you for your prayers

The surgery on my mother-in-law was somewhat successful. With the odds not in his favor the surgeon was still able to open up the 80% blockage in one of the main vessels coming off of her aorta (in her stomach area) with three stints. Small step, but one in the right direction. Time will tell how much has been accomplished and how much further there is to go.

Thank you to everyone who took some of your time to say a prayer on her behalf!

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Prayer Request

My mother-in-law, Christine, is in need of prayers.

She is at an extremely vulnerable stage right now. There was a surgery attempt yesterday that was not successful in any way. A follow-up surgery is going being performed right now. If this attempt doesn’t go well there will not be any options left, unless something dramatically changes.

She is in severe pain, so please pray for some deliverance in one way or another. This is a time of great stress that the family has been preparing for but preparation only goes so far.

She has and will always mean so much to me in many ways, so please take a moment to say a prayer on her behalf.

Thank you.


Two prayer requests and one invitation

I wanted to pass along a couple of requests in regards to prayers from the fellows and readers here.

One, please say a prayer for my mother-in-law, Christine. She has been dealing with several serious health issues over the last few years, and some are beginning to become ever more burdensome in regards to her physical health, including the necessity for her to do dialysis several times on a daily basis and the side-effects that accompany it. Your prayers would be much appreciated.

Two, we, the Keltonburg congregation along with some brethren from the Smithville congregation, will be setting up a booth at the local Smithville Fiddler’s Jamboree and Crafts Festival. We will be providing free bottled water (accompanied by the John Hurt “blue and white” scripture reference card) as well as numerous House to House topical tracts and Bible correspondence courses. Pray that opportunities arise and that God’s word will find free course in open hearts. We believe this year in particular will afford some great opportunities to help spread the gospel in our community and abroad as compared to last year. Perhaps a follow-up story describing what I mean will appear on the Brotherhood News site in a few days. If you find yourself in the area please stop by for a visit. I would love to meet you whether you are a fellow or a reader! Lord willing, I will be out there pretty much all day Friday and Saturday.

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The “Renewing Your Mind Spiritually” Newsletter

First  of all I want to thanks  all of you  who have, over the  last couple of years, have  “subscribed” and  opened  the  e-mail newsletter–I  really appreciate  it.  Starting  with last week’s e-mail newsletter, I have  started  using   “Constant Contact” for distributing it.  I have  noticed  an increase in the open  rate, and the  “click Rate.”

I am  asking that, first of all you all pray for the  outreach, and secondly, please take  time  to open the link below and “subscribe”  to the   newsletter. You can always “unsubscribe” if you like.

Please check out the latest — Renewing Your Mind Spiritually Newsletter http://conta.cc/170266S

Please feel free to make  suggestions and comments.  I  hope you will share this with others.

Yours In The Blessed Hope, (Titus 2:13)

Larry Miles, Louisville, KY

p.s.  Please pray for me as I am now preaching once a month at the Mackville Church of Christ in Washington County, KY (about 70 miles from Louisville)

Larry’s Lines

Words In Season E-Zine

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Prayer Request

I would like to ask you to keep my mother-in-law in your prayers today please. She is having surgery to install a port that will later be used for dialysis.

Thanks so much.


Prayer Request for my aunt, Laverne Collins

Please keep my Aunt, LaVerne Collins in your prayers. We received word Wed that another one of the sores on her leg is a Basal Cell skin cancer. (they  took a biopsy when  we were there  to get  stitches out a  couple weeks ago from the other 2)  We go in on Monday at 1030am to have it removed. This time they are going to burn/scrape it off. They said that will take just about 15 minutes.



Keep in your prayers…

If you would, keep the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief group in your prayers. I have already heard at least one news media group on the radio refer to them and their response to help bring some relief to the people whose lives have been affected by hurricane Sandy.

Disaster Relief is a work that Keltonburg helps to support throughout the year and I have visited their facilities in Nashville personally and seen the set up…what they’ve accomplished in the past and present is impressive and worthy of praise as they strive to bring glory to God through the charity of the church during dark times in people’s lives. Untold numbers of lives have been touched through the gospel because of their work and efforts.

Here’s a link to their website. Information about the trucks that have left and the congregations they are coordinating with in the Northeast area is at the top of their “Latest News” column. Keep the workers, the truck drivers and the congregations there in your prayers.

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Prayer Request

Our revival starts at Keltonburg this morning. I would appreciate any prayers for its success with those who need to be saved and for those of us who are but are needing a little fuel for the fire.

In case it would affect your prayer, the topics are: 6 Hours With the Sacrifice, The Challenge of Servanthood, The Resurrection and the Life, Staying on the Path and Transformation not Conformation



Prayer request from Larry Miles

Please keep my  Aunt, Laverne Collins in prayers–have  to go to bed early-have to get up at  5am as  I have to take my  aunt   to the  Hospital for an  outpatient  procedure .  (declot  fistula) We have to be there at 630am– this was not  planned but was a result of her  visit yesterday in Dialysis of the shunt in her  left arm not working  properly– it  clotted up–they had to use the catheter in  right shoulder which they are removing on June 6th Please  keep us in prayers.

They say  we  should be  home by 1015am


Prayer request

Fellows, my wife & I were blessed to have a 3 hour Bible study last night with 2 friends who are currently members of the independent Christian church. The study went very well! They are wonderful people & I believe they want to do what is right (though making changes is always difficult). They left late last night with a lot to think about. Please pray for them! We will be getting together for more studying soon.


Special Prayer Request

Special Prayer Request: I want to thank all of you who have been praying for my Aunt, LaVerne Collins. She returned to the Nursing Home here in Louisville last Tuesday. (7/5/201) She has had 4 dialysis treatments in the hospital and 5 more since she has returned to the Nursing Home. The dialysis treatments are working, it seems. She is improving in many areas; but still has some health problems. We are hoping that sometime in the future she can get off the 24/7 oxygen. We don’t know now whether she will be able to come home, but we covet your prayers. As I mentioned last Tuesday, we are having to Private Pay (pay the cost out of pocket.) We anticipate being able to do this for about 4 months, then apply for Medicaid.

-Larry Miles


Prayer Request: (For Dan Mercer of Louisville, KY)

I received a  call about 6:00 p.m. from Sis. Juanita Mercer of the Kentucky Avenue Church of Christ in Louisville, KY.  She  asked that  I   send out an  e-mail to  my   list about  her  son, Don Mercer’s condition.   Don  has  not been  well for many, many  years and  suffers from  many   ailments.  He was in a  car  wreck a few weeks ago and is  still in the   hospital.  His condition is not  getting  much  better—She said that he will undergo  surgery again this coming  Monday. I  know one of the  many  problems  he has is kidney  problems—he is on  dialysis  and they have been having   some  problems with that. Sis. Mercer  asks that   we  pray for  Don and  also  for her and  her  husband, Bro. Forrest  Mercer.  I have   lost   Bro. Mercer’s  e-mail address, but you can  e-mail their preacher Bro. Jim Gillaspie  at  jgillaspie@insightbb.com  

She  also says that   Don  has  to  lay  flat on his  back most  of the  time and  can’t  get  up without pain.  She said that he    does  not  get  many  visitors  or calls and would welcome that – He is  in Jewish Hospital at   Brook & Chestnut Streets in Louisville, KY  He is in  Room  708—his  phone  number in the  room is 502-540-3078.  The  mailing  address of the   hospital  is Jewish Hospital, 200 Abraham Flexner Way, Louisville, KY  40202 

Yours in the  Blessed Hope, 

Larry Miles, Louisville, KY