Prayer: Two terrorist attacks in London

We pray for those injured, involved, or affected by the two attacks in London, which are being treated as terrorist attacks. One of them occurred outside Parliament. At least four people are reported dead, 20 or more injured. We pray for peace, at the same time we pray for the security of each nation.

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A prayer request and an observation

First, request for prayers for a sister in Christ, Ana Lucia, from Rio who was involved in a bus accident here in the city, on the interstate highway, between 4 and 5 am. Her femur is broken in four places. She just came out of surgery.

Second, it’s encouraging to see how the family of faith, from another city and state, are willing to help their brothers and sisters in Christ. I see it rather often here. Perhaps because the Brazilian brotherhood is smaller, or maybe it’s a cultural thing, but people respond to needs with generosity, often at great personal cost.

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Prayers: John Henson hospitalized

Our good brother John Henson was hospitalized in Nashville TN yesterday after an apparent heart attack. Let’s pray the Lord raise him up and restore his health. His daughter said on FB that they were waiting on tests and doctors to hear what the future holds.

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Four Texas girls in car accident

Larry Taylor, elder with the Baker Heights congregation in Abilene TX, shared the following about four Christian girls, presumably from the congregation:

Four girls sideswiped a semi on way to visit LCU in Lubbock. Flipped car. One girl suffered broken leg and crushed foot. Another has crushed hand. Other two minor bumps and scrapes. God was looking over them. Two of the girls face several surgeries to repair damage. The others are hurting emotionally. Appreciate everyone’s prayers.

The Baker Heights congregation is a former supporter of our GoSpeak ministry. We appreciate their efforts greatly.

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Use and share the Prayer Journal

The Believing Prayer site offers the Prayer Journal, where anyone can post at any time. It’s a fast and modern forum format.

People can log in through their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or sign up easily with an independent account. Continue reading

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Updates for Warren Kenney’s continued treatment are now…

Updates for Warren Kenney’s continued treatment are now on a separate site. See this comment to our original post. Our way to keep it all together:


Christian mother, BCC teacher asks prayers for son at critical moment

This is from a Christian mother and Bible-correspondence-course teacher whose addicted son overdosed several weeks ago. Names have been omitted for privacy’ sake, at the request of those who shared it.

Please send out an emergency prayer request to pray for our son! We found out late last night that police issued a warrant for when he overdosed in October. They told us they can charge anyone who overdoses. They took the needle for testing and said results would be back in 2 to 6 weeks, then if charging him, they would do so.

We hadn’t heard a thing for almost four months, so we thought they weren’t going to charge him. He has been doing well, going to all of his drug counselor and psychological appointments, working, staying clean and passing all drug tests. He’s been sober for 109 days! And now this! A misdemeanor and felony 5.

Please pray that he won’t despair and give up and try to overdose or hurt himself again. Help the judge see that it was a relapse and that he is really trying to get it together. Pray that our son will see that he can work this out, no matter what. That even if it takes a long time, it is better than death and that while there is life, there is hope. Continue reading

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Gospel preacher Warren Kenney slated Tuesday to remove head tumor

Gospel preacher Warren Kenney

Gospel preacher Warren Kenney

This from our brother and TFR Fellow David Kenney about his dad, Warren Kenney, long-time minister at the Central congregation in Martinsburg, WV:

Dad, Mom and Sherry met with the neurologists while we were on our way to the hospital from the hotel. We received a VERY favorable report. The tumor is close to the skull, right behind the right eye, and appears to be localized. They can go in with a more minimal incision and get the whole tumor which is about 1.75 x 1 inches. He will have to go through chemo and radiation treatment as a precaution. The tumor will be analyzed to see if further treatment will be required. He will have surgery on Tuesday, be in ICU a day, and will be released on Friday. He will have about a 30-day recovery period.

The doctors do not see any behavior risks and expect a complete recovery. He will be able to continue to do what he loves most–preach the gospel and enjoy life with mom.

We are so thankful for all your prayers on his and our family’s behalf and our loving God who has been mindful of dad. Please keep praying as the surgery will be Tuesday morning. The doctors are running more tests to make sure they are fully prepared for the operation.

Please feel free to share this with others.

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Cyclone to hit India, prayers requested for churches

James Suiter calls our attention to the cyclone about to hit India. He quoted this report this morning from brother Raj Kumar- India:

We are near to super cyclone, it could be worse than Hurricane Katrina in USA 2005, troubles are started due the cause of heavy rains, dangerous winds, please pray for us and and our fellow brethren. Maybe you can watch the news about the situation of the dangerous disaster, please pray.

James noted that several churches of Christ are in this area.

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Special prayer request for gospel preacher Jim Murrell

Chris Clevenger just made a special request for prayer: My dear friend and a Gospel preacher, Jim Murrell, is undergoing a heart cath today and is in desperate need of prayer. He is in stage IV heart failure and is awaiting a heart transplant. Would you please consider running a post about his condition and requesting prayer on his behalf?

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Prayers: Bob McRee with tumors in China

Old college friend Jerry McLeod tells me that Bob McRee is being treated for tumors in his brain and lungs in China. He’s undergone at least one surgery in that country. Bob has been working at a private school in China. I believe, from what Jerry said, that Bob is an FHU alumni. Please keep Bob and his family in prayers.

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Prayers for GA family with tragedy

From Lee Michael Snow, preacher at Gray GA congregation, posted to Facebook, and now here by permission:

I am just sick right now! Please be praying for a family from Gray congregation. The granddaughter of a couple who are members at Gray has been in the hospital in Atlanta for about a week recovering from a brain surgery to remove a tumor. Her mother was kidnapped Wednesday night by her step-father and taken to Twiggs County where he murdered her.

Please be praying for the Stamatis family, Keely and all those involved!

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Nine, two, one, 13

Pray for the nine non-Christians The Missus and I have been given to study with over the past two weeks. That one among them, just one, will come to repentance.

Pray for the business owner I talked to yesterday who was helpful and kind to me in my needs, that he might find the truth.

Pray for the Taubaté church which yesterday adopted the “Evangelism 13-13-13” approach: 13 methods of evangelism in 2013 to reach 13 souls.

Pray that the Word will run, and we with it.

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Share your prayer requests or thanksgivings

Do you need prayers? Click on Reply (upper right of this post; in emails, hit the Comment button) and share your requests for prayer, your thanksgivings, or a prayer of yours addressed to the Father.

If you pray over one or more requests, please acknowledge with a quick reply of “Done” or “Prayed” or something similar, so the person who requested prayer will know.

If a prayer requester wants to get an email when someone has prayed and replied, click the option “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.”

This would be a very workable system, if we’ll use it. Perhaps a separate site might be best, however, so we’re studying that possibility.

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Why I love my wife &c.

Rob Lester did a series on Facebook about the reasons why he loved his wife, many of them humorous. Here’s one of mine. I go into the kitchen after my Saturday afternoon nap for a drink of water (The Missus had forwarded an email to me the day before about the need to drink water to keep the kidneys in good shape), and she prepares me a homemade cappuccino and two, not one, but two brownies. Ah, life is hard.

• Been busy with some poetry in the past few days. Today, a love poem for The Missus (she said she assumed I’d written it for her): “To Speak of Love.” Yesterday, last night actually, before I hit the sack, a piece here on TFR: “So Let’s Dance in the Aisles.” And also yesterday, an almost melancholy piece, “In Wings and Walls.”

• The first two were written on the fly, popped ’em out and posted. The latter I wrote a few days earlier, tweaked it a bit, then posted. Maybe I should give the poems a rest next week, reckon? But then they appear at their own behest, not mine.

• My dad spent the night in the hospital Wednesday. He passed out in church. Apparently, a combination of sinus infection and dehydration. Drove himself home the next day (Mom had gone for a checkup on her pacemaker), I talked to him last night, seems to be OK. But I’d appreciate a prayer for him. He’s only 81.

• Do you like the sound of your voice? I don’t. Maybe I should take voice lessons? Some supporters are interested in me doing some audio/radio. I’m interested too, but for that dislike.

• I read somewhere once that Reagan used to drink hot water before he spoke. Relaxed his throat. Have you ever tried that?

• And last, a link I shared on Twitter, for a big Saturday-night helping of ignorance. “Christians must stand up for gay marriage.” Lots of “I believe,” with no evidence to back it up. Such is our world. And such is our task, to shine light upon the darkness. Go shine! Isa 60.1!

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