A whole congregation is moving

Here in SJCampos, the Esplanada congregation, with which we worked for several years before beginning an effort in our home, is leaving the rented quarters that they have used for years. Because of losses due to moves and some falling away, with evangelism not keeping up, they can no longer afford the meeting room at that location. They have decided to meet in a brother’s home.

I’m going this morning to speak during the Bible class time, to help them in this transition. My first point will be to look at it in a positive light, as a new opportunity that presents many advantages. Since 2014, we’ve seen the advantages first-hand. Please pray for them during their move.

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New theme on TFR

Today ought to be a slow day for us here at TFR, so we’re going to try the updated P2-breathe theme, still with the front-page posting. Fellows, please note that the option to open up the subject line is located at the top right of the formatting bar.

This should take care of the problem of comments made to individual posts from the front page showing up in the wrong place.

This is still in something of an experimental stage. If there are severe problems, we’ll revert to the old theme.

The background tile chosen doesn’t please much, so it’ll likely get replaced.

Fellows, please, please, familiarize yourselves with the new theme at this link here:
https://geto2.com/ and here: https://wordpress.com/theme/p2-breathe

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Never has the devil been so successful than…

Never has the devil been so successful than he is in this modern age. Man is convinced that he has progressed beyond the Rock of Ages and has thrown the inspired principles of morality to the flames of political correctness. The Ten Commandments are not even recommendations today and things formerly holy are trampled underfoot as profane. Marriage is no longer the sacred union of a man and woman; but is redefined to accommodate the corrupt and perverse. But the Almighty once declared to Job that there are boundaries and limits. God said, “Thus far you shall come and no further.” The sun is setting on these times and judgment peers from around the corner. Let it be shouted to a unhearing throngs, the fierceness of God’s wrath is not weakened or abated, but stands ready to strike. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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Weylan’s quote post was number 3000 for…

Weylan’s quote post was number 3000 for TFR, quite a respectable number considering we’ve been going only since mid-November of last year. Congrats to all the Fellows and blessings upon all the readers.

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Daily Nudge: generations — and news

How is your life different from that of your parents? Not looking for a generation gap necessarily — that idea of conflict between generations — but how your lifestyle or approach to things (be it world, church, work, relationships) differs from the previous generation, and your family specifically.

See if you can identify one major difference. Or as many as you want.

Here’s my news or, better, my reaction to news: frequently I see here in Brazil what I had considered faithful saints supporting or recommending progressives among us. I confess to being perplexed. Either there is widespread digression in progress or people are so ignorant of the truth that they have little discernment. Either possibility leaves me distressed. I mention it because I saw it happen yet again yesterday.

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If the world were perfect

The Forthright.net site has been down since early Sunday morning, at least. We’ve contacted the webmaster, so we wait for a fix. Pray the Lord will bring it back to us intact, and soon.

Troy and Andrea fly to Paraguay on Friday. We’re reading his Culture Shock Chronicles closely. And remembering those times long ago when we went through that process. We pray for them as they go.

Barbara and I are talking about a redesign and move for the Forthright Press site, considering options, doing a better job of the business side of our ministry.

I’ve mentioned to her about putting up a PayPal link here if anybody wanted to help defray expenses. Asking for money on the web is a horrendous thing in my mind, especially evangelistic sites that seek to reach those outside of Christ. But since this site is dedicated to saints, I feel less negative. Only slightly so.

The number of visits to TFR is growing. For five straight days, upwards. I’ve seen the Fellows putting out the word on Twitter and Facebook, and I’m sure sharing the good news elsewhere. It’s making a difference.

And I followed one guru’s advice and pulled Google’s feed on “church of Christ” to insert in the lower right column. That feed will show up on the sites listed and, one hopes, pull them in to visit and enjoy our offerings. I hope the guru knows what he’s talking about.

That listing excludes the word “united,” as in United Church of Christ, but other not so desirable sites are seeping through. Part of the deal, however, not much we can do there. You’ll just have to exercise your judgment in clicking and reading offsite.

The Recent Comments section is not providing proper links. Serving, for the moment, as a mere announcement of who has commented on which posts.

If the world were perfect, … but then today’s reading reminds us that even the bad things that happen (prison!) serves for the “progress of the gospel.” Amen!

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Only those who will risk going too far c…

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

T.S. Elliot

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