Doctrine Matters

by Johnny O. Trail

A sermon provided from an online church source seeks to expand the role of women in the worship assembly. It is incredible to consider the lengths that some are willing to go to legitimize unscriptural practices. The error contained in this series regarding the role of women in worship is legion in nature and space would not allow an adequate refutation of doctrines espoused by the one proclaiming the message. One or two comments deserve some attention.

In arguing for expanding the role of women, the speaker says, “Jesus saves and not our doctrine.” In another place, the same speaker says that we are “safe in Jesus not in law keeping.” The implication of these statements seems clear—doctrine regarding practice and observance of worship is not important. Students of God’s word beg to differ. Continue reading

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So let’s dance in the aisles

by J. Randal Matheny © 2012

We are tired of the hymns, with the limits we’re bored,
So let’s dance in the aisles, as we sup with the Lord,
We will tear up the carpet and throw out the old,
In this city where everything’s big, we are bold.
The young women are swooning, the men good to swing,
Play a tune with a beat, we refuse just to sing.
You’ve not seen it all yet, we’re not done as we change,
We reject what’s familiar, and import the strange.
Swing the doors for the crowds, tweak the church to the max,
In with gospels and grace, down with crosses and Acts.
We’re all brothers in Christ, matters not what your group,
What’s important is staying in a bigger world’s loop.
We’re progressives for Jesus, nothing heavy — we’re hip,
As we travel to heaven, on one big, happy ship.
We’ll be bigger fish swimming in bigger fish ponds,
So we dive for the new, as we cut the old bonds.
We got love overflowing, with sinners we’re cool,
But no patience with fogies—out with rules is the rule!

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Ask your ‘doctor’ about Progressivor today

Note: Hugh Fulford now posts his "news and views" on his blog, but since we have his permission to use his material, it was hard to resist posting this.

Are you tired of walking in "the strait and narrow way"? Are you finding that to "abide in the doctrine of Christ" is too restrictive? Does the mere mention of "the old paths" make you nauseated or send you into fits of rage against "antiquated thinking"? Are you finding it dull and boring to do all "in the name of the Lord Jesus"? Would you like to be able to enjoy greater freedom and more flexibility in your moral life . . . to loosen up and have more fun? Would you like to enjoy a more entertaining atmosphere in worship (whenever you may decide to attend worship)? Would you like to have a more broadminded and inclusive attitude toward the different religious beliefs and viewpoints that are out there in today’s world? Then ask your D.D. ("Doctor of Divinity"), pastor, preacher, or priest about Progressivor. This medication has been on the market for several years, and has helped many to a more carefree, less restrictive religious life. It also is available in a generic brand known as Liberaluce.

This drug has worked wonders in the lives of thousands. It has enabled people to throw off old fogy moral values and to enjoy a wide range of sexual pleasures, including sex before marriage, sex outside of marriage, sex with others although married, sex with those of the same gender, as well as a variety of other sexual activities (whatever floats your boat). It permits a person to divorce and remarry as often as he or she chooses to do so, and for whatever reason is convenient, or simply to live together without being married at all. In short, it allows a person to be religious without having to be righteous.

Regular doses of Progressivor have proven to broaden one’s tolerance of all kinds of religion, including Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Islam, Secularism, "New Age-ism," as well as the various "brands" of Christianity. Progressivor aids in the adoption of a "salad bar" type of religion which allows one to pick and choose bits and pieces from various religious traditions and to reject those parts that do not meet with one’s own wisdom and approval. Progressivor immunes one from strict adherence to the Bible because the developers of Progressivor have determined that the Bible is wrong about many things.

Progressivor allows for entertaining worship services that really resonate and "rock" in today’s culture. Guitars, banjos, fiddles, saxophones, trumpets, and percussions are all allowed. Just sit back and enjoy the show. There is no charge for admission. At some point a plate or basket may be passed through the audience and you will be invited to "pay," but you should feel free to "pay" only what you feel like "paying." ("Church" really can turn out to be a rather cheap way to enjoy some good entertainment). And the program is likely to feature a very entertaining speaker (either man or woman) who is able to deliver "one liners" as well as (or better than) any late night TV host you have ever heard. In short, Progressivor is a modern religious "wonder drug." Be sure to ask your "Doctor" about it today.

Potential harmful side effects of Progressivor include blurred vision, resulting in not being able to see at any distance. Total spiritual blindness has been known to occur in some cases. Progressivor is also known to result in deterioration of the backbone, weak knees, indistinct and misleading speech patterns, confused thinking, and ultimately eternal death (Romans 6:23). Be sure to check with your "Doctor" before taking Progressivor. Depending upon his view of God, the Scriptures, religion, and life in general, as well as his respect for the Great Physician, he may or may not recommend it. Progressivor is not for those who want to please God and live forever with Him in heaven. But for those who do not believe in either Heaven or Hell, or who believe in the former but not in the latter, Progressivor may be just the religious medication you have been looking for.

Hugh Fulford
December 6, 2011
hugh’s news & Views

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Progressives leave anguish in wake – updated with file

I was reading Jen Stracener’s note on Facebook, “Heartbreaking… a long good read,” and it impressed upon me again how much pain the progressives generate by the division they cause.

To hear them tell it, only good comes from pushing their agenda. It’s not unlike the political and social progressives who push abortion and tout only the (supposed) advantages and positives. Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing good in abortion, in any sense, but my point is that the pain and anguish caused by abortion are totally whitewashed so that these murderers can promote their cause.

In that sense do I compare it to religious liberals among us who spout love and grace and freedom and ignore yeah, disdain, purposefully the heartache they cause among many, many who refuse to go in their direction.

All this aside from the rightness or wrongness of their position, and the Fellows are on the same page as far as the error of the progressive movement among us.

Am I making sense?

Update: Some have said they can’t access Jen’s article. I’m posting it in PDF format here: heartbreaking jen stracener (WP doesn’t allow a text file — go figure!)

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Good translation of a Bible verse: NAB in 2 John 9

On the Nudge asking for a good translation, I’d mentioned this earlier, but I like the New American Bible’s rendering of 2 John 9: “Anyone who is so ‘progressive’ as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God; whoever remains in the teaching has the Father and the Son.”

The word “progressive” is in quotes, apparently, to indicate that the Gnostics believed that they had a superior and higher teaching that went beyond the crude teachings of the Christians. Makes a good point for the original context, and a good application for our situation today.

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Unmasking Progressive Christianity

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Progressive parallels in politics and religion

Does this paragraph sound strangely familiar to anybody?

1. The Left, since the 1960s, has been the aggressor in the culture war. Liberals often object when conservatives point this out, but they brag about it amongst themselves. They are, after all, the “agents of change,” “forces of progress,” “enemies of the status quo,” etc. And when they meet resistance to the wheel of history or efforts to roll it back, they scream “culture war!”

The paragraph refers to American politics.

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Honoring God’s Plan of Salvation

Honor God’s Plan of Salvation

By Richard Mansel


A. Honoring God’s Word brings to mind two key issues:

1. Protecting the purity of the Word so that others can have the same opportunities.

a. 2 Kings 22:8ff – Hilkiah finds the Book of the Law. Josiah enacts it.

b. We can allow the same thing to happen today, if we are not diligent.

2. The sobering responsibility that we have as we teach and live God’s Word

B. We want to discuss these two themes in light of honoring God’s Plan of Salvation.

C. Our mindset is very important.

Continue reading

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New church for women leadership

I think it’s sinful for the church to restrict the use of women’s (spiritual) gifts,” he said. “If deity endows a person with a gift, and a human restricts that gift and prohibits them from using it, that’s a problem.”

The quote is from this story and points up one of the reason’s why there is no way to close the divide between pro/digressives and those of us who hold to the NT pattern: we’re the sinful ones!

The ACU prof didn’t seem to bothered by it, either.

Sorry to throw in a somber note in today’s slate, but it’s good to be aware.

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Daily Nudge: your name

At the suggestion of one of our fine Fellows, today’s Nudge asks them for whom they were named, and why. Ought to be an interesting day. Something light for the weekend.

Taking advantage of the white space, I’ll mention here that my article to encourage faithful brethren has generated feedback, in several spots on the Internet, that reminds me of what someone once said about Howard Cosell (or was it Telly Savalas?) — either you like it or you don’t. Goes to reinforce that there is no common ground between us and the digressives. We’re on opposite sides of the fence, and the sooner we establish that, the better off the Lord’s church will be.

Oh, if the Fellows would tag their replies with “given names,” that will help with referencing later.

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Phil responds to The Tennessean article

JUMPING SHIP – Phil Sanders responds to The Tennessean’s article that churches of Christ are dropping “isolationist view.”

“The question among churches of Christ is not so much who is right but rather what is right,” Phil writes.


The State of the Brotherhood

There is much that is good, much that needs repentance, and much that needs help.

I am well aware of the progressives who are fast moving to evangelical fluff. And I am well aware of the neo-antis who seem stuck in traditions of their own making and trying to enforce them on everyone else. These groups are failing and losing their children in large numbers to the world. The progressives are losing 60 percent of their children to the religious world, and the neo-antis are losing 60 percent to non-participation.

The mainstream is, however, producing well. They evangelize with love, care for the hurting, reach out to the lost, and train their children. They keep most of their kids faithful to the Lord.

We have numerous neighborhood churches and small town churches graying and dying. We will lose some congregations in the coming decades.

I’ve seen many churches with lots of older folks and lots of young families, but the middle aged folks seem to have jumped ship.

I’m seeing schools of preaching pop up in many locations. If you haven’t checked out what they are doing, I think you’d be surprised. They are producing more pulpit preachers than our universities at this point. A school in Marietta, GA, now has several branches and 400 students! This school is only about ten years old!!!

I know of five or six new schools of preaching popping up–there is a new one in Oklahoma City this fall.

I have traveled much in the last 18 months, and the churches that are growing–without exception–are among the mainstream. They are healthy, loving, working, and devoted to the truth. God will bless such congregations with increase.

A few progressive churches are swelling but most have seriously declined in the last five years. I know of several that are only a fraction of they had been.

I believe we are winning this war of ideology. Once progressives reveal what they actually believe and want to do, they cease to attract as they once did. Exposing Satan is the most effective first step in defeating him.

God prunes his vine from time to time so that it may grow. I think we are growing through just such a time. We hate the loss and love all our brotherhood, but separation from those who will not do what is right is not evil (1 Cor. 11:18-19). God prunes so that the vine may remain healthy and produce more fruit.

Let us hold fast to that which we have been taught and not be fooled by the philosophies of men (Col. 2:6-8). Let us grow in grace and knowledge (2 Peter 3:18). And let us abound in the work of the Lord, filled with love for the Father and for the lost (1 Cor. 15:58).

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I think they’re called progressives bec…

I think they’re called progressives because they get progressively worse.

J. Randal Matheny

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Brazilian churches are rapidly heading f…

Brazilian churches are rapidly heading for a division. Faithful brethren do not have much tolerance for digressive practices. The Internet address for congregations that believe the NT does indeed serve as a pattern for our faith and practice will be (irmãos = brethren). We’re justing getting started with this spot.

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