Incivility Overpowers Our Society

Ramnath Subramanian, a sixth-grade science teacher at Eastwood Knolls School in El Paso, writes for the El Paso Times on educational topics.

In his Thursday article,, he points out the following:

“I applaud any effort by school officials to promote decorum and civility in the school milieu. However, I am acutely aware of the fact that family, community, and the popular culture play a larger and more defining role in children’s lives than schools.”

Yes, education begins in the home (Ephesians 6:4; cf. Genesis 18:16-19).

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Study gambling: Lawmakers Should Start Work Now

The above title was one of the headlines on the El Paso Times opinion page this morning:

It’s sad that a newspaper wants to promote another avenue towards immorality (we’ve already got the Texas Lottery).

It makes one wonder if these folks actually think about what they are promoting. Do they actually believe that it’s a good means towards public education?:

Quote: “Summer is a good time for Texas lawmakers to review legalized gambling options for the better funding of public education.”

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My social media habits are mostly on Twi…

My social media habits are mostly on Twitter and Facebook. Both of these sites are good for promoting your blog or for getting the latest news reports. When Eddie Watkins and Kevin Cauley first began The Preacher’s Files site, I was very active on their Bible study forum, but due to my work commitments, I became less involved on that site. I am registered on but rarely go there.

As far as the latest area church news, there are many brethren who are gone on vacation, the results being a lot of empty pews. Guess that’s one drawback of the summer months.

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The Montana Street congregation faithful…

The Montana Street congregation faithfully adheres to and steadfastly promotes the faith. We help support the Lord’s work in Juarez, Mexico and in India. We help support our Spanish congregation in their efforts to teach and preach the gospel. We engage in a weekly television broadcast, preaching God’s word in El Paso and surrounding counties. We host the area wide singing of congregations here in El Paso. We also conduct a devotional at the local Veteran’s Home every fifth Saturday.

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